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Craftsman T1400 247.203734 Operator's Manual page 12

17.5 hp, variation speed 42” deck
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Table of Contents
Parking Brake Lever
To set the parking brake: Fully depress the brake pedal. Move the
parking brake lever into the parking brake position. Release the
brake pedal to allow the parking brake to engage.
To release the parking brake: Depress the brake pedal and move
the parking brake lever out of the ON position and into the OFF
position. The parking brake will then be released. Release the
brake pedal.
NOTE: The parking brake must be set if the operator leaves the seat
with the engine running or the engine will automatically shut off.
Throttle/choke Control Lever
The throttle/choke control lever is located on the
left side of the tractor's dash panel. This lever
controls the speed of the engine and when pushed
all the way forward, the choke control also. When
set in a given position, the throttle will maintain a
uniform engine speed.
IMPORTANT: When operating the tractor with the cutting
deck engaged, the throttle/choke control lever must
always be in the FAST (rabbit) position.
Ignition Switch Module
To start the engine, insert the key into the ignition switch and turn
clockwise to the START position. Release the key into the NORMAL
MOWING MODE position once the engine has fired.
To stop the engine, turn the ignition key counterclockwise to the
STOP position.
IMPORTANT: Prior to operating the
tractor, refer to both the "Safety Interlock
System" and "Starting The Engine" later in this
section of this manual for detailed instructions
regarding the Ignition Switch Module.
Never leave a running machine unattended. Always disengage PTO (Blade
Engage Lever), move shift lever into neutral position, set parking brake,
stop engine and remove key to prevent unintended starting.
Seat Adjustment Lever
The seat adjustment lever is located below the front/left of the seat. The lever
allows for adjustment of the fore and aft position of the seat. Refer to the Assembly
section of the manual for more detailed instructions for adjusting the seat position.
Auto-drive pedal
The drive pedal is located on the right side of the tractor, along the running board.
Depress the drive pedal forward and the tractor will move in the direction that the
shift lever is engaged in. To cause the tractor to travel forward, while at a complete
stop, move the shift lever into the Forward position. Gradually step on the drive
pedal and the tractor will begin to move forward. To move in Reverse, follow the
same procedure only move the shift lever into the reverse position.
The ground speed is controlled with the drive pedal. The further forward that the
pedal is pivoted, the faster the tractor will travel. The pedal will return to its original
position when it's not depressed. Refer to the Operation section of this manual for
detailed instructions regarding the drive pedal.
IMPORTANT: Always set the parking brake when leaving the tractor
Deck Lift Lever
Found on your tractor's right fender, the deck lift lever is used to
change the height of the cutting deck. To use, move the lever to the
left, then place in the notch best suited for your application.
PTO (Blade Engage) Lever
Found on the tractor's right fender, the PTO (blade engage) lever
is used to engage power to the cutting deck or other (separately
available) attachments. To operate, move the lever all the way
forward. Moving the lever all the way rearward into the PTO OFF
position disengages power to the cutting deck/ attachment.
NOTE: The PTO (blade engage) lever must be in the
disengaged (PTO OFF) position when starting the engine.
Cup Holder
The tractor's cup holder is located on the fender to the left of the seat.
Shift Lever
The shift lever is located on the left side
of the fender and has three positions,
brake pedal must be depressed and the
tractor must not be in motion when the
moving shift lever.
IMPORTANT: Never force the shift lever.
Doing so may result in serious damage to
the tractor's transmission.
Brake Pedal
The brake pedal is located on the left side of the lawn tractor, along the running
board. Depress the brake pedal to engage the disc brake and bring the tractor to a
complete stop.
NOTE: The pedal must be depressed to start the engine. Refer to Safety Interlock
Switches later in this section of this manual.

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Table of Contents

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