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Adjusting The Seat; Attaching The Seat; Tire Pressure - Craftsman T1400 247.203734 Operator's Manual

17.5 hp, variation speed 42” deck
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Attaching The Seat

NOTE: For shipping reasons, the seat is either fastened to the tractor seat's pivot
bracket with a plastic tie, or mounted backward to the pivot bracket. In either case,
free the seat from its shipping position being careful not to bend or kink the wiring
harness and follow the instructions below to attach it.
Remove the two hex screws and nuts from the seat pivot bracket.
Align the front holes of the seat mounting bracket with the holes in the seat
pivot bracket on your tractor and secure with previously removed hex screws
and nuts. See A in Figure 4.
Plug the wiring harness into the seat safety switch in the bottom of the seat,
as shown in B of Figure 4.
NOTE: The tractor will not operate with the wiring harness disconnected.
Figure 3
Figure 4

Adjusting the Seat

To adjust the position of the seat, pull up and hold the seat adjustment lever. Slide
the seat forward or rearward to the desired position; then release the adjustment
lever. Make sure seat is locked into position in a seat-stop before operating the
tractor. See Figure 5.
Before operating the tractor, make sure the seat is engaged in a seat-stop.
Engage the parking brake. Stand behind the machine and pull back on seat
until it clicks into place.

Tire Pressure

Maximum tire pressure under any circumstances is 30 psi. Equal tire pressure
should be maintained at all times. Never exceed the maximum inflation
pressure shown on the sidewall of the tire.
The recommended operating tire pressure is:
Approximately 10 psi for the rear tires
Approximately 14 psi for the front tires
IMPORTANT: Refer to the tire sidewall for exact tire manufacturer's recommended
or maximum psi. Do not overinflate. Uneven tire pressure could cause the cutting
deck to mow unevenly.
Figure 5

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Table of Contents

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