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Service - Craftsman T1400 247.203734 Operator's Manual

17.5 hp, variation speed 42” deck
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On slopes, the weight of the towed equipment may cause loss of traction and
loss of control.
Always use extra caution when towing with a machine capable of making
tight turns (e.g. "zero-turn" ride-on mower). Make wide turns to avoid
Travel slowly and allow extra distance to stop.
Do not coast downhill.


Safe Handling of Gasoline:
To avoid personal injury or property damage use extreme care in handling
gasoline. Gasoline is extremely flammable and the vapors are explosive.
Serious personal injury can occur when gasoline is spilled on yourself or your
clothes which can ignite. Wash your skin and change clothes immediately.
Use only an approved gasoline container.
Never fill containers inside a vehicle or on a truck or trailer bed with a plastic
liner. Always place containers on the ground away from your vehicle before
When practical, remove gas-powered equipment from the truck or
trailer and refuel it on the ground. If this is not possible, then refuel such
equipment on a trailer with a portable container, rather than from a gasoline
dispenser nozzle.
Keep the nozzle in contact with the rim of the fuel tank or container opening
at all times until fueling is complete. Do not use a nozzle lock-open device.
Extinguish all cigarettes, cigars, pipes and other sources of ignition.
Never fuel machine indoors.
Never remove gas cap or add fuel while the engine is hot or running. Allow
engine to cool at least two minutes before refueling.
Never over fill fuel tank. Fill tank to no more than ½ inch below bottom of
filler neck to allow space for fuel expansion.
Replace gasoline cap and tighten securely.
If gasoline is spilled, wipe it off the engine and equipment. Move machine to
another area. Wait 5 minutes before starting the engine.
To reduce fire hazards, keep machine free of grass, leaves, or other debris
build-up. Clean up oil or fuel spillage and remove any fuel soaked debris.
Never store the machine or fuel container inside where there is an open
flame, spark or pilot light as on a water heater, space heater, furnace, clothes
dryer or other gas appliances.
Allow a machine to cool at least five minutes before storing.
General Service
Never run an engine indoors or in a poorly ventilated area. Engine exhaust
contains carbon monoxide, an odorless, and deadly gas.
Before cleaning, repairing, or inspecting, make certain the blade(s) and all
moving parts have stopped. Disconnect the spark plug wire and ground
against the engine to prevent unintended starting.
Periodically check to make sure the blades come to complete stop within
approximately (5) five seconds after operating the blade disengagement
control. If the blades do not stop within the this time frame, your machine
should be serviced professionally by a Sears or other qualified service dealer .
Check brake operation frequently as it is subjected to wear during normal
operation. Adjust and service as required.
Check the blade(s) and engine mounting bolts at frequent intervals for
proper tightness. Also, visually inspect blade(s) for damage (e.g., excessive
wear, bent, cracked). Replace the blade(s) with the original equipment
manufacturer's (O.E.M.) blade(s) only, listed in this manual. Use of parts
which do not meet the original equipment specifications may lead to
improper performance and compromise safety!
Mower blades are sharp. Wrap the blade or wear gloves, and use extra
caution when servicing them.
Keep all nuts, bolts, and screws tight to be sure the equipment is in safe
working condition.
Never tamper with the safety interlock system or other safety devices. Check
their proper operation regularly.
After striking a foreign object, stop the engine, disconnect the spark plug
wire(s) and ground against the engine. Thoroughly inspect the machine for
any damage. Repair the damage before starting and operating.
Never attempt to make adjustments or repairs to the machine while the
engine is running.
Grass catcher components and the discharge cover are subject to wear
and damage which could expose moving parts or allow objects to be
thrown. For safety protection, frequently check components and replace
immediately with original equipment manufacturer's (O.E.M.) parts only,
listed in this manual. Use of parts which do not meet the original equipment
specifications may lead to improper performance and compromise safety!
Do not change the engine governor settings or over-speed the engine. The
governor controls the maximum safe operating speed of the engine.
Maintain or replace safety and instruction labels, as necessary.
Observe proper disposal laws and regulations for gas, oil, etc. to protect the
According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this product has an Average Useful
Life of seven (7) years, or 270 hours of operation. At the end of the Average
Useful Life, buy a new machine or have the machine inspected annually by
a Sears or other qualified service dealer to ensure that all mechanical and
safety systems are working properly and not worn excessively. Failure to do
so can result in accidents, injuries or death.

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Table of Contents

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