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Cutting Deck Removal - Craftsman T1400 247.203734 Operator's Manual

17.5 hp, variation speed 42” deck.
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Table of Contents
Seat Adjustment
Refer to the Assembly section of this manual for seat adjustment instructions.
Parking Brake Adjustment
Never attempt to adjust the brakes while the engine is running. Always
disengage PTO (blade engage) lever, move shift lever into neutral position,
stop engine and remove key to prevent unintended starting.
If the tractor does not come to a complete stop when the brake pedal is completely
depressed, or if the tractor's rear wheels can roll with the parking brake applied,
the brake is in need of adjustment. Contact the nearest Sears Service Center to have
your brakes properly adjusted.
To locate the nearest Parts & Repair Service Center or to schedule service,
contact 1-888-331-4569.

Cutting Deck Removal

To remove the cutting deck, proceed as follows:
Place the PTO (Blade Engage) lever in the disengaged (OFF) position and
engage the parking brake.
Lower the deck by moving the deck lift lever into the bottom notch on the
right fender.
Remove the self-tapping screw (A) that secures the belt-keeper rod from
around the tractor's PTO pulley, then remove the belt keeper rod (B). See
Figure 15.
Note: Make a mental note what hole the other end of the belt-keeper rod is
inserted in for reinstallation purposes.
Remove the belt (C) from around the tractor's PTO pulley. See Figure 15.
Hex Cap Screw
Figure 14
Avoid pinching injuries. Never place your fingers on the idler spring or
between the belt and a pulley while removing the belt.
Looking at the cutting deck from the left side of the tractor, locate the bow-
tie pin that secures the deck support rod on the rear left side of the deck. See
Figure 16. Remove the bow-tie pin that secures the deck support rod, and
carefully remove the deck support from the deck lift arm.
Repeat the above steps on the tractor's right side.
NOTE: The bow-tie clips should be re-installed from the top down.
Move the deck lift lever into the top notch on the right fender to raise the
deck lift arms up and out of the way.
Bow-Tie Clip
Figure 15
Figure 16


Table of Contents

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