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Lubrication - Craftsman T1400 247.203734 Operator's Manual

17.5 hp, variation speed 42” deck
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Table of Contents
Check the fuel lines for cracks or leaks. Replace if necessary.
Replace the fuel filter with an original equipment replacement filter. Call
1-888-331-4569 to purchase the original equipment replacement filter.
Secure the fuel lines with the clamps.
Air Filter
Service the pre-filter and cartridge/air filter element as instructed in the Engine
Operator/Owner Manual packed with your unit.
Spark Plug
The spark plug should be cleaned and the gap reset once a season. Spark plug
replacement is recommended at the start of each mowing season. Refer to the
Engine Operator/Owner Manual for correct plug type and gap specifications.
Temperature of muffler and nearby engine areas may exceed 150˚ F (65˚C).
Avoid contact with these areas.
Inspect muffler periodically, and replace if necessary. Replacement parts
for the muffler must be the same and installed in the same position as the
original parts.
Clean Engine
Daily or before every use, clean grass, chaff or accumulated debris from
engine. Keep linkage, spring, and controls clean.
Keep area around and behind muffler free of any combustible debris.
Keeping engine clean allows air movement around engine.
Engine parts should be kept clean to reduce the risk of overheating and
ignition of accumulated debris.
Do not use water to clean engine parts. Water could contaminate fuel
system. Use a brush or dry cloth.
IMPORTANT: The use of a pressure washer to clean your tractor is NOT
recommended. It may cause damage to electrical components, spindles, pulleys,
bearings or the engine.
Carburetor Adjustment
The carburetor on this engine is not adjustable.


Before lubricating, repairing, or inspecting, always disengage PTO (Blade
Engage Lever), move shift lever into neutral position, set parking brake, stop
engine and remove key to prevent unintended starting.
Lubricate the engine with motor oil as instructed in the Engine Owner's Manual
packed with your unit.
Pivot Points & Linkage
Lubricate all the pivot points on the drive system, parking brake and lift linkage at
least once a season with light oil.
Rear Wheels
The rear wheels should be removed from the axles once a season. Lubricate the
axles and the rims well with an all-purpose grease before re-installing them.
Front Wheels
The front wheels should be removed from the axles once a season. Lubricate the
axles and the rims well with an all-purpose grease before re-installing them.
Deck Wash
Your tractor's deck is equipped with a water port on its surface as part of its Deck
Wash System™, follow these instructions to utilize this feature.
Use the Deck Wash to rinse grass clippings from the deck's underside and prevent
the buildup of corrosive chemicals. Complete the following steps AFTER EACH
Drive the tractor to a level, clear spot on your lawn, near enough for your
garden hose to reach.
Make certain the tractor's discharge chute is directed AWAY from your house,
garage, parked cars, etc.
Disengage the PTO
(Blade Engage)
Thread the hose coupler (packaged with your tractor's Operator's Manual)
onto the end of your garden hose.
Attach the hose coupler to the water port on the deck's surface. See Figure
Turn the water on.
While sitting in the operator's position on the tractor, start the engine and
place the throttle lever in the FAST (rabbit) position.
, set the parking brake and stop the

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Table of Contents

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