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Maintenance - Black & Decker STC1820P Instruction Manual


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Avoid trees and shrubs. Tree bark, wood moldings, siding,
and fence posts can easily be damaged by the string.
Cutting line / line feeding
Your trimmer uses 1.65 mm diameter, Round nylon line.
During use, the tips of the nylon lines will become frayed and
worn and the special self feeding spool will automatically feed
and trim a fresh length of line. Cutting line will wear faster and
require more feeding if the cutting or edging is done along
sidewalks or other abrasive surfaces or heavier weeds are
being cut. The advanced automatic line feeding mechanism
senses when more cutting line is needed and feeds and
trims the correct length of line whenever it's required. Do not
bump unit on ground in attempt to feed line or for any other
Clearing jams and tangled line (Figures N, O, P)
Warning! Remove the battery from the trimmer before making
any assembly, adjustments or changing accessories. Such
preventive safety measures reduce the risk of starting the
appliance accidentally. From time to time, especially when cut-
ting thick or stalky weeds, the line feeding hub may become
clogged with sap or other material and the line will become
jammed as a result. To clear the jam, follow the steps listed
Remove the battery from the trimmer.
Press the release tabs (22) on the line spool cap (23),
as shown in Figure N and remove the cap by pulling it
straight off.
Pull the nylon line spool out and clear any broken line or
cutting debris from the spool area.
Place spool and line into spool cap with line "parked" in
slots provided as shown in Figure O1.
Insert the line end through the appropriate hole in the
spool housing. Pull slack line through until it pulls out of
the holding slots as shown in Figure O2.
Press the spool down gently and rotate it until you feel it
drop into place and then push to snap into place. (When
in place, the spool will turn a few degrees left and right
Take care to keep the line from becoming trapped under
the spool.
Align the spool cap tabs with the slots on the spool hous-
Snap the spool cap back on as shown in Figure P by
depressing lugs and pressing into spool housing.
Note: Make sure that cover is fully positioned, listen for two
audible clicks to ensure both lugs are correctly located. Power
the appliance on. In a few seconds or less you'll hear the
nylon line being cut automatically to the proper length.
Warning! To avoid appliance damage, if the cutting line
protrudes beyond the trimming blade, cut it off so that it just
reaches the blade.
Note: Other replacement parts (guards, spool caps, etc.) are
available through BLACK+DECKER service centers. To find
your local service location visit
Warning! The use of any accessory not recommended by
BLACK+DECKER for use with this appliance could be hazard-
Replacing the spool
Remove battery from appliance.
(Original instructions)
Depress the tabs (20) and remove the spool cap (21) from
the spool housing (11) (Figure N).
Grasp empty spool with one hand and spool housing with
other hand and pull spool out.
If lever (24) (Figure Q) in base of housing becomes
dislodged, replace in correct position before inserting new
spool into housing.
Remove any dirt and grass from the spool and housing.
Unfasten the end of the cutting line and guide the line into
the eyelet (O2) Figure O.
Take the new spool and push it onto the boss (25) (Figure
Q) in the housing. Rotate the spool slightly until it is
seated. The line should protrude approximately 136mm
from the housing.
Align the tabs on the spool cap with the slots in the hous-
ing (Figure P).
Push the cap onto the housing until it snaps securely into
Rewinding spool from bulk line
Bulk line is also available for purchase from your local retailer.
Note: Hand wound spools from bulk line are likely to become
tangled more frequently than BLACK+DECKER factory wound
For best results, factory wound spools are recommended. To
install bulk line, follow the steps below:
Remove battery from appliance.
Remove the empty spool from the appliance as described
in "Replacing the spool."
Remove any remaining cutting line from the spool.
Make a fold at the end of the cutting line at about 19mm
(26). Feed the cutting line into one of the line anchoring
slots (27) as shown in Figure R.
Insert the 19mm end of the bulk line into the hole (28) in
the spool adjacent to the slot as shown in Figure S. Make
sure the line is pulled tight against the spool as shown in
Figure S.
Wind the cutting line onto the spool in the direction of the
arrow on the spool. Make sure to wind the line on neatly
and in layers. Do not crisscross (Figure T).
When the wound cutting line reaches the recesses (29),
cut the line (Figure S).
Fit the spool onto the appliance as described in "Replac-
ing the spool".


Your BLACK+DECKER corded/cordless appliance/tool has
been designed to operate over a long period of time with a
minimum of maintenance. Continuous satisfactory opera-
tion depends upon proper tool/appliance care and regular
Your charger does not require any maintenance apart from
regular cleaning.
Warning! Before performing any maintenance on corded/
cordless power tools:
Switch off and unplug the appliance/tool.
Or switch off and remove the battery from the appliance/
tool if the appliance/tool has a separate battery pack.
Or run the battery down completely if it is integral and then
switch off.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents