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Black & Decker STC1820P Instruction Manual

Black & Decker STC1820P Instruction Manual




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  • Page 1 STC1820P
  • Page 3 5˚-10˚...
  • Page 4 60cm...
  • Page 6: Safety Instructions

    ENGLISH (Original instructions) This appliance is not intended for use Intended use Your BLACK+DECKER STC1820P trimmer has been by young or infirm persons without designed for trimming and finishing lawn edges and to cut supervision. grass in confined spaces. This appliance is intended for consumer use only.
  • Page 7: After Use

    (Original instructions) ENGLISH Vibration Even with the application of the relevant safety regulations and the implementa- The declared vibration emission values stated in the technical data and the tion of safety devices, certain residual declaration of conformity have been risks can not be avoided. These include: measured in accordance with a standard Injuries caused by touching any rotat- test method provided by EN 50636 and...
  • Page 8 ENGLISH (Original instructions) Do not use the appliance if the cords After extending new cutter line always are damaged or worn. return the machine to its normal oper- Wear stout shoes or boots to protect ating position before switching on. your feet.
  • Page 9: Electrical Safety

    (Original instructions) ENGLISH Features Read the instruction manual This appliance includes some or all of the following features. before use. 1. Trigger 2. Lock off button Electrical safety 3. Handle 4. Speed control switch Your charger is double insu- 5. Auxiliary handle lated;...
  • Page 10: Important Charging Notes

    ENGLISH (Original instructions) Bad Battery Foreign materials of a conductive nature such as, but not limited to, steel wool, aluminium foil, or any buildup of metallic particles should be kept away from charger cavities. Always unplug the charger from the power supply when there is no battery pack in the cavity.
  • Page 11: Operation

    (Original instructions) ENGLISH Position the handle as shown in Figure G (with the Grasp the flip-to-edge collar (7) and push down as BLACK+DECKER logo facing upward). Partially push the shown in part 1 of Figure K. handle on so it will hold the buttons in when you release Rotate the flip-to-edge collar 180°...
  • Page 12: Maintenance

    ENGLISH (Original instructions) Avoid trees and shrubs. Tree bark, wood moldings, siding, Depress the tabs (20) and remove the spool cap (21) from and fence posts can easily be damaged by the string. the spool housing (11) (Figure N). Grasp empty spool with one hand and spool housing with Cutting line / line feeding other hand and pull spool out.
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Technical data Solution Problem STC1820P Appliance runs slowly. Remove battery from trimmer. Check that the spool housing can rotate freely. Carefully clean it if necessary. Input Voltage Check that the cutting line does not pro-...
  • Page 14: Ec Declaration Of Conformity

    European Free Trade Area. To claim on the guarantee, the claim must be in accordance STC1820P Cordless String Trimmer with Black&Decker Terms and Conditions and you will need to submit proof of purchase to the seller or an authorised repair Black &...
  • Page 15 (Original instructions) ENGLISH 15 15...
  • Page 16 Australia Black & Decker (Australia) Pty. Ltd. Tel. 03-8720 5100 20 Fletcher Road, Mooroolbark, 03-9727 5940 Victoria, 3138 New Zealand Black & Decker Tel. +64 9 259 1133 5 Te Apunga Place +64 9 259 1122 Mt Wellington Aukland 1060 United Kingdom &...

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