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Operation; Operating The Trimmer - Black & Decker STC1820P Instruction Manual


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Position the handle as shown in Figure G (with the
BLACK+DECKER logo facing upward). Partially push the
handle on so it will hold the buttons in when you release
them with your hand.
Push the handle completely onto the housing and position
it slightly until it "snaps" into place.
To adjust the handle up or down, press in on the button
(21) and raise or lower the handle (Figure H).
The handle should be adjusted so that your front arm is
straight when the trimmer is in the working position.
Height adjustment
Warning! Adjust the length of the trimmer to obtain proper
working positions shown in Figures J - J3.
The overall height of the trimmer can be adjusted by
loosening the height-adjust collar (6) by rotating it in the
direction of the arrow shown in Figure I.
Move the upper housing straight up or down. When the
desired height is achieved, tighten the collar by rotating it
opposite of the direction shown in Figure I.
Releasing the cutting line
In transit, the cutting line is taped to the spool housing.
Remove the tape holding the cutting line to the spool


Warning! Always use proper eye protection.
Warning! Before you begin trimming, only use the appropriate
type of cutting line.
Note: inspect area to be trimmed and remove any wire, cord,
or string-like objects which could become entangled in the
rotating line or spool. Be particularly careful to avoid any wire
which might be bent outwardly into the path of the appliance,
such as barbs at the base of a chain link fence.
Switching on and off
To switch the appliance on, push the lock-off button (2),
and squeeze the trigger (1).
To switch the appliance off, release the trigger.

Operating the trimmer

With the unit on, angle unit and slowly swing the trimmer
side to side as shown in Figure J.
Maintain a cutting angle of 5° to 10° as shown in Figure
J1. Do not exceed 10° (Figure J2). Cut with the tip of the
line. To keep distance from hard surfaces use edge wheel
Maintain a minimum distance of 60 cm between the guard
and your feet as shown in Figure J3. To acheive this
distance adjust the overall height of the trimmer as shown
in Figure I.
Convert to edging mode
Warning! The wheeled edge guide should only be used when
in the edging mode.The trimmer can be used in trimming
mode or edging mode to trim overhanging grass along lawn
edges and flower beds. For edging, the trimmer head should
be in the position shown in Figure l. If it is not:
Remove the battery from the trimmer.
(Original instructions)
Grasp the flip-to-edge collar (7) and push down as
shown in part 1 of Figure K.
Rotate the flip-to-edge collar 180° counterclockwise as
shown in part 2, until the handle snaps back into the
upper half of the trimmer.
To return to trimming position, pull the flip-to-edge collar
down and rotate the head clockwise back to its original
Note: You will experience faster than normal cutting line wear
if the trimmer line is positioned directly over the sidewalk or
abrasive surface.
Warning! When being used as an Edger, stones, pieces of
metal and other objects can be thrown out at high speed by
the line. The trimmer and guard are designed to reduce the
danger. However, MAKE SURE that other persons and pets
are at least 30m away. Optimum cutting results are achieved
on edges deeper than 50 mm.
Do not use this trimmer to create trenches.
Using the edging wheel (9), guide the trimmer as shown in
Figure l.
Position the edging wheel on the edge of the sidewalk or
abrasive surface so the cutting line is over the grass or dirt
area to be edged.
To make a closer cut, slightly tilt the trimmer.
Speed control & runtime extension mode
This string trimmer gives you the choice to operate at a
more efficient speed to extend the runtime for larger jobs, or
accelerate the trimmer speed for high-performance cutting
(Figure M).
To extend runtime, pull the speed-control switch (4) back
toward the battery (12) into position #1. This mode is best
for larger projects that require more time to complete.
To accelerate the trimmer, push the speed-control switch
forward toward the trimmer head (8) into position #2.
This mode is best to cut through heavier growth and for
applications that need higher RPM.
Note: When in acceleration mode (#2), runtime will be de-
creased as compared to when trimmer is in extended runtime
mode (#1).
Helpful cutting tips
Use the tip of the string to do the cutting; do not force
string head into uncut grass. Use edge guide along such
things as fences, houses and flower beds for best prac-
Wire and picket fences cause extra string wear, even
breakage. Stone and brick walls, curbs, and wood may
wear string rapidly.
Do not allow spool cap to drag on ground or other sur-
In long growth cut from the top down and do not exceed
300 mm high.
Keep trimmer tilted toward the area being cut; this is the
best cutting area.
The trimmer cuts when passing the unit from the right to
left. This will avoid throwing debris at the operator.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents