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Nokia 6360 User Manual: Connect To Microsoft Pocketpc Devices; Learn About Your Phone As A Wireless Modem; Connection Options

Pc/pda connectivity guide for the nokia 6360 phone.
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11 Connect to Microsoft PocketPC devices


You can use your Nokia phone as a wireless modem with Pocket PC devices, then use these devices to check e-mail or browse the
You may also be able to send and receive faxes from your Pocket PC device. However, this may require additional software from
another manufacturer. Check your device's user guide, Web site, or the Microsoft Pocket PC Web site for more information on available
Important: To access the Internet, you must have an existing dial-up account with a full-service Internet provider or dial-
up access to a corporate network. Connection to online services such as CompuServe and Prodigy is not available at this time.
Note: America Online offers a software program that allows you to check your AOL e-mail from your handheld device. For
more information, go to keyword: PDA.


You can create a connection between your PocketPC device and your phone using either the DLR-3P cable or IR.
DLR-3P cable connection
Most PocketPC devices come with a serial cable used to connect your device with a desktop PC or laptop computer. This cable has
either a USB male connection or an RS-232C female connection at one end, and a special connector that plugs into the handheld
device (either directly or via a docking cradle).
If your PocketPC device's serial cable has the standard RS-232C connector, you need only the DAN-1 (null modem adapter with
RS-232C connectors on each end) supplied in the DLR-3P accessory sales package.
If your PocketPC device's serial cable has a USB connector, you need to purchase an additional serial cable with the standard
RS-232C connector. The manufacturer of your PocketPC device sells this cable as an accessory. You also need the DAN-1 (null
modem adapter with RS-232C connectors on each end) supplied in this sales package.
This adapter is used to join your device's serial cable to the DLR-3P cable (as shown in the figure below).
Important: If you are unable to order the RS-232C serial cable as an accessory, you may be able to purchase a USB-to-RS-
232C adapter. This device may be available at your local computer retailer, or via the Internet. Or you may consider using IR
as your connection method.
IR (infrared) connection
Your PocketPC device should be equipped with an infrared port. You may find it more convenient to connect your phone and
PocketPC device using IR, especially if you prefer to leave your serial cable or docking cradle attached to your PC.
Before dialing, make sure you enable infrared communications on your PocketPC device, then align the IR ports of the 2 devices.
The preferable distance between the two devices in an infrared connection is a range of three inches to three feet maximum. There
must be no obstructions between the two devices and the IR ports of the two devices have to be pointing at each other.
Your Nokia phone is a Class 1 Laser Product.
null modem adapter
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Connect to Microsoft PocketPC devices
Pocket PC's
serial cable


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