Horizontal Drain Trap Mounting-Left Or Right Side Panel; Electrical Connections; Wiring Harness; 115-Volt Line Connections - Whirlpool WGFM195 Installation Instructions Manual

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Horizontal Upflow Connections—Left Side Down
(Counterflow Similar)
A. Front cover drain port
B. Hose B
C. Green hose clamps (3)
D. Side panel grommet holes
E. Tubes 2
To avoid the risk of electrical shock, wiring to
the unit must be polarized and grounded.
To avoid personal injury or death due to
electrical shock, disconnect electrical
power before servicing or changing any
electrical wiring.
Label all wires prior to disconnection when servicing
controls. Wiring errors can cause improper and dangerous
operation. Verify proper operation after servicing.

Wiring Harness

The wiring harness is an integral part of this furnace. Field
alteration to comply with electrical codes should not be required.
Wires are color coded for identification purposes. Refer to the
wiring diagram for wire routings.
If any of the original wire as supplied with the furnace must be
replaced, it must be replaced with wiring material having a
temperature rating of at least 105°C. Any replacement wiring
must be a copper conductor.
F. Drain trap
G. Hose A
H. Red hose clamps
I. Front cover drain port
J. Left side panel


Horizontal Drain Trap Mounting—Left or Right
Side Panel
1. Position the drain trap against the side panel with the drain
tubes inserted into the trap.
NOTE: The trap may be orientated with the outlet facing
either the furnace's top cover or base pan.
2. Secure the drain trap to the side panel at the dimples or
crosshairs located on either side of the grommet drain holes.
3. Confirm that the tubes reach the bottom of the drain trap and
that all of the hoses maintain a downward slope and are not
kinked or binding.
4. Attach the PVC drain line to the drain trap outlet with either a
90° elbow or coupling.

115-Volt Line Connections

Before proceeding with electrical connections, ensure that the
supply voltage, frequency and phase correspond to that
specified on the unit rating plate. Power supply to the furnace
must be NEC Class 1, and must comply with all applicable
codes. The furnace must be electrically grounded in accordance
with local codes or, in their absence, with the latest edition of The
National Electric Code, ANSI NFPA 70 and/or The Canadian
Electric Code CSA C22.1.
Use a separate fused-branch electrical circuit containing properly
sized wire, and fuse or circuit breaker. The fuse or circuit breaker
must be sized in accordance with the maximum overcurrent
protection specified on the unit rating plate. An electrical
disconnect must be provided at the furnace location.
NOTE: Line polarity must be observed when making field
Connect hot, neutral and ground wires as shown in the wiring
diagram located on the unit's blower door. For direct vent
applications, the cabinet opening to the junction box must be
sealed air tight using either an UL Listed/CSA approved bushing
such as Heyco Liquid Tight or by applying non-reactive UL
Listed/CSA approved sealant to bushing.
Line polarity must be observed when making field connections.
Line voltage connections can be made through either the right or
left side panel. The furnace is shipped configured for a left side
(right side for counterflows) electrical connection with the
junction box located inside the burner compartment.
To make electrical connections through the opposite side of the
furnace, the junction box must be relocated to the other side of
the burner compartment prior to making electrical connections.
To relocate the junction box, follow the steps shown in "Junction
Box Relocation."
NOTE: Wire routing must not to interfere with circulator blower
operation, filter removal, or routine maintenance.

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Table of Contents

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