Whirlpool WGFD28 Installation Instructions Manual

Whirlpool WGFD28 Installation Instructions Manual

80% 2-stage variable speed gas furnace gold models
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As a professional installer, you have an obligation to know the product better than the customer. This includes all
safety precautions and related items. Prior to actual installation, thoroughly familiarize yourself with this instruction
manual. Pay special attention to all safety warnings. Often during installation or repair, it is possible to place
yourself in a position which is more hazardous than when the unit is in operations.
Remember, it is your responsibility to install the product safely and to know it well enough to be able to instruct a
customer in its safe use. Safety is a matter of common sense...a matter of thinking before acting. Most dealers have
a list of specific good safety practices...follow them.
The precautions listed in this installation manual are intended as supplemental to existing practices. However, if
there is a direct conflict between existing practices and the content of this manual, the precautions listed here take
Keep this literature in a safe place for future reference.
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  • Page 1: Installation Instructions

    Keep this literature in a safe place for future reference. Whirlpool ® Home Cooling and Heating Whirlpool Gold ® Models 14610 Breakers Drive WGFD28, WGFM28 Jacksonville, Florida 32258 WPIO-369...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents GAS FURNACE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ........3 Furnace Shutdown ..............21 Additional Safety Considerations..........4 Gas Supply Pressure Measurement ..........21 Gas Manifold Pressure Measurement and Adjustment.....23 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION AND APPLICATION ......4 Gas Input Rate Measurement—Natural Gas Only.....23 Shipping Inspection ..............4 Temperature Rise ...............24 Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Precautions........4 Circulator Blower Speeds ............24 To The Installer................5...
  • Page 3: Gas Furnace Safety Precautions

    GAS FURNACE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Please adhere to the following warnings and cautions when installing, adjusting, altering, servicing or operating the furnace. To ensure proper installation and operation, thoroughly read this manual for specifics pertaining to the installation and application of this product. Recognize this symbol as a safety precaution.
  • Page 4: Additional Safety Considerations

    WARNING WARNING This unit must not be used as a “construction heater” To prevent possible property damage, personal injury or during the finishing phases of construction on a new death due to electrical shock, the furnace must be located structure. This type of use may result in premature failure to protect the electrical components from water.
  • Page 5: To The Installer

    The furnace must be installed indoors (for example, attic space, crawl space or garage area provided the garage area To the Installer is enclosed with an operating door). Before installing this unit, please read this manual thoroughly to This furnace can be used in the following nonindustrial familiarize yourself with specific items which must be adhered to, commercial applications: including, but not limited to:...
  • Page 6: Location Requirements And Considerations

    NOTE: The only combustible material allowed is wood. These furnaces are not approved for downflow installations. Exposure to contaminated combustion air will result in safety Downflow models WGFD28 are not approved for horizontal or and performance-related problems. upflow installations. For these models, use only the instructions NOTE: Do not install the furnace where the combustion air is for downflow installation only.
  • Page 7: Clearances And Accessibility

    On counterflow installations, the air conditioning coil must be NOTE: Do not remove the solid base plate for the side return. downstream from the furnace heat exchanger. Return air ducts must be completely sealed to the furnace and terminate outside the enclosure surfaces. Counterflow Installation Over a Noncombustible Floor Before setting the furnace over the plenum opening, ensure that the surface around the opening is smooth and level.
  • Page 8: Thermostat Location

    3. As far as practical, close all building doors and windows and If resizing is required on any portion of the venting system, use all doors between the space in which the appliance(s) the appropriate table in Appendix G in the latest edition of the connected to the venting system are located and other National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z223.1 and/or CAN/CSA B149 spaces of the building.
  • Page 9: Category I Furnaces Only-Exterior Masonry Chimneys

    The minimum vent diameter for the Category I venting system is 11. Reconnect the induced draft blower power leads. as shown in the Minimum Vent chart. NOTE: If the wires are not long enough, pull extra wire from the wire bundle in the blower compartment. Minimum Vent 12.
  • Page 10 Typical Multiple Flue Clay Tile Chimney Proper chimney Line, terminate with termination? listed vent cap (Check 1) (Fix 1) Chimney channel free of solid and Change venting liquid fuel arrangements appliances? (Fix 2) (Check 2) Rebuild crown Crown in good (Fix 3) condition? and/or reline...
  • Page 11 Termination 10 ft (3 m) or Less From Ridge, Wall or Parapet Check 2—Any Solid or Liquid Fuel Appliances Vented into This Chimney Channel Solid fuel appliances include fireplaces, wood stoves, coal furnaces and incinerators. Liquid fuel appliances include oil furnaces, oil-fired boilers and oil-fired water heaters.
  • Page 12 The surfaces of the liner must be physically sound. If gaps or In some cases, a shorter extension above the roof may be holes are present, the metal liner must be removed and replaced possible with a liner than would be required with a masonry (Fix 4—Relining).
  • Page 13: Electrical Connections

    Heavier gauge 300 and 400 series stainless steel liners were NOTE: Poured insulation, either vermiculite or other materials, is developed for use with oil or solid-fuel appliances. They are no longer recommended. not suitable for use with gas-fired appliances. Flexible liners Insulation will need to be added to the flexible liner if: specifically intended and tested for gas applications are listed It is required by the liner manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Page 14: 24-Volt Thermostat Wiring

    1. Measure the resistance between the neutral (white) Junction Box Relocation connection and one of the burners. 2. Resistance should measure 10 ohms or less. This furnace is equipped with a blower door interlock switch WARNING which interrupts the unit voltage when the blower door is opened for servicing.
  • Page 15: 24-Volt Dehumidistat Wiring

    Thermostat Wiring Diagram—2-Stage Heating with 4. Turn on power. Refer to the following illustration. Single-Stage Cooling Heat OFF Delay DIP Switches Thermostat Stage Delay 24-Volt Dehumidistat Wiring The optional usage of a dehumidistat allows the furnace’s circulator blower to operate at a slightly lower speed (82% of desired speed) during a combined thermostat call for cooling and dehumidistat call for dehumidification.
  • Page 16: 115-Volt Line Connection Of Accessories (Humidifier And Electronic Air Cleaner)

    115-Volt Line Connection of Accessories (Humidifier and Electronic Air Cleaner) Optional Accessories Wiring WARNING HIGH VOLTAGE! 15-Circuit Connector To avoid personal injury or death due to electrical shock, disconnect electrical power before servicing or changing any electrical wiring. Integrated Control Module The furnace integrated control module is equipped with line voltage accessory terminals for controlling power to an optional field-supplied humidifier and/or electronic air cleaner.
  • Page 17: High Altitude Derate

    NOTE: Adjusting the minimum supply pressure below the limits in the above table could lead to unreliable ignition. Gas input to the High Altitude Derate burners must not exceed the rated input shown on the rating NOTE: The furnace will naturally derate itself with altitude. Do not plate.
  • Page 18 Always use pipe joint compound (pipe dope) that is approved Upflow Installations for all gases. NOTE: Do not apply compound to the first 2 threads. When the gas piping enters through the right side of the furnace, Use ground joint unions. the installer must supply the following fittings (starting from the gas control valve): Install a drip leg to trap dirt and moisture before it can enter...
  • Page 19: Propane Gas Tanks And Piping

    NOTES: Maintaining proper gas pressure depends on 3 main factors: Never exceed specified pressures for testing. Higher pressure Vaporization rate, depending on temperature of the liquid and may damage the gas control valve and cause subsequent “wetted surface” area of the container or containers. overfiring, resulting in heat exchanger failure.
  • Page 20: Circulating Air And Filters

    Sizing Between 2 Stage and Appliance Regulator* Maximum Propane Capacities Listed are Based on ¹⁄₂" W.C. pressure drop at 10.0" W.C. setting. Capacities in 1,000 Btu/h. Propane Gas Piping Chart II Tubing Size, O.D. Type L Nominal Pipe Size Schedule 40 Pipe or Tubing Length—ft (m) ³⁄₈"...
  • Page 21: Filters-Read This Section Before Installing The Return Air Ductwork

    Filters—Read this Section Before Installing the Return Air Ductwork Filters must be used with this furnace. Discuss filter maintenance A new home may require more frequent replacement until all with the building owner. Filters are not ship with this furnace, but construction dust and dirt is removed.
  • Page 22 Gas Supply Pressure Measurement Gas Control Valve—Honeywell 2-Stage VR9205 CAUTION To prevent unreliable operation or equipment damage, the inlet gas supply pressure must be as specified on the unit rating plate with all other household gas-fired appliances operating. The line pressure supplied to the gas control valve must be within the range specified below.
  • Page 23: Gas Manifold Pressure Measurement And Adjustment

    4. Attach a hose and manometer to the outlet pressure barb Inlet Gas Supply Pressure fitting (Honeywell valve) or outlet pressure boss (White-Rodgers valve). Natural Gas Minimum: 5.0" W.C. Maximum: 10.0" W.C. 5. Turn on the gas supply. Propane Gas Minimum: 11.0"...
  • Page 24: Temperature Rise

    foot dial, divide the number of seconds recorded in Step 2 by Temperature Rise Measurement one. If the dial is a 2 cubic foot dial, divide the number of Rise = Supply air temperature - Return air temperature seconds recorded in Step 2 by 2. 4.
  • Page 25 3. Knowing the furnace model, locate the high-stage cooling Comfort Mode Profiles airflow charts in the Specification Sheet applicable to your The multispeed circulator blower also offers several custom On/ model. Look up the cooling airflow determined in Step 2 and Off ramping profiles.
  • Page 26 Profile D To Set Airflow Ramps up to 50% of the full cooling demand airflow for 30 seconds. 1. Select the model and desired high-stage cooling airflow. Then ramps to 82% of the full cooling demand airflow for 2. Determine the corresponding tap (A, B, C, or D). approximately 7¹⁄₂...
  • Page 27: Blower Heat Off Delay Timings

    Blower Heat Off Delay Timings The integrated control module provides a selectable heat-off Switch Bank: S1 delay function. The heat off delay period may be set to 90, 120, 150 or 180 seconds using the DIP switches or jumper provided DIP Switch Number on the control module.
  • Page 28: Fan Only Mode

    Circulator blower continues running during a cool-off delay period. The Off delay time and airflow level are determined by Operational Checks the selected ramping profile. Electronic air cleaner terminal and circulator blower are Burner Flame de-energized. Furnace awaits next call from thermostat. The burner flames should be inspected with the burner compartment door installed.
  • Page 29: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE To remove filters from an external filter rack in an upright upflow WARNING installation, follow the directions provided with external filter rack kit. HIGH VOLTAGE! Horizontal Unit Filter Removal To avoid personal injury or death due to electrical shock, disconnect electrical power Filters in horizontal installations are located in the central return before performing any maintenance.
  • Page 30: Flue Passages (Qualified Servicer Only)

    Flue Passages (Qualified Servicer Only) Before Leaving an Installation The heat exchanger flue passageways should be inspected at the Cycle the furnace with the thermostat at least 3 times. Verify beginning of each heating season. If necessary, clean the cooling and fan only operation. passageways as outlined below.
  • Page 31: Status Codes

    1. Automatic reset. The integrated control module will 3. Manual thermostat cycle. Lower the thermostat so that there automatically reset itself and attempt to resume normal is no longer a call for heat for 1 to 20 seconds, and then reset operations following a 1-hour lockout period.
  • Page 32 Symptoms of Diagnostic/ Abnormal Staus LED Operation Code Fault Description Possible Causes Corrective Actions Notes and Cautions Furnace fails to None No 115-volt Manual disconnect Assure 115-volt power Turn off power prior to operate. power to switch Off, door to the furnace, and repair.
  • Page 33 Symptoms of Diagnostic/ Abnormal Staus LED Operation Code Fault Description Possible Causes Corrective Actions Notes and Cautions Induced draft Low-stage Pressure switch Inspect pressure Turn off power prior to blower runs pressure switch hose blocked, switch hose. Repair/ repair. continuously circuit is not pinched or replace, if necessary,...
  • Page 34 Symptoms of Diagnostic/ Abnormal Staus LED Operation Code Fault Description Possible Causes Corrective Actions Notes and Cautions Furnace not Flame sense Flame sensor is Sand flame sensor if Turn off power prior to operating. microamp signal coated/oxidized. coated/oxidized. repair. is low. Integrated Flame sensor Inspect for proper...
  • Page 35 Symptoms of Diagnostic/ Abnormal Staus LED Operation Code Fault Description Possible Causes Corrective Actions Notes and Cautions Furnace fails to Polarity of Polarity of 115-volt Review wiring diagram Turn off power prior to operate. 115-volt AC is AC power to to correct polarity.
  • Page 36 Symptoms of Diagnostic/ Abnormal Staus LED Operation Code Fault Description Possible Causes Corrective Actions Notes and Cautions Furnace fails to Integrated Loose wiring Tighten or correct Turn off power prior to operate. control module connection at wiring connection. repair. has lost circulator motor Integrated Check circulator...
  • Page 37 Symptoms of Diagnostic/ Abnormal Staus LED Operation Code Fault Description Possible Causes Corrective Actions Notes and Cautions Furnace fails to Circulator Obstruction in Check circulator Turn off power prior to operate. blower motor circulator blower blower for repair. fails to start housing.
  • Page 38: Wiring Diagram

    WIRING DIAGRAM WARNING HIGH VOLTAGE! Disconnect ALL power before servicing. Multiple power sources may be present. Failure to do so may cause property damage, personal injury or death. To 115 VAC/10/60 Hz Power Supply with Overcurrent Protection Device Induced Draft Blower 2-Stage Pressure Switch Assembly WARNING: Equipment GND Disconnect Power...
  • Page 39: Assistance Or Service

    ASSISTANCE OR SERVICE If you need further assistance, you can write to the below Whirlpool ® Home Cooling and Heating address with any questions or concerns: 14610 Breakers Drive Jacksonville, FL 32258 Please include a daytime phone number in your correspondence.
  • Page 40 WPIO-369 ®Registered Trademark/TM Trademark of Whirlpool, U.S.A., 10/09 © 2009. All rights reserved. Manufactured under license by Tradewinds Distributing Company, LLC, Jacksonville, Florida Printed in U.S.A.

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