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Using Your Oven - Maytag CWE9000BCB Use And Care Manual

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Every- oven has its own characteristics. You may
To remove:
Be sure the rack is cooI. Pull the
find that the cooking times and temperatures
rack straight out until it stops. Tilt the front end
you were accustomed to with your previous wall
up and continue pulling the rack out of the oven.
oven may need to be altered slightly with the
To replace:
Tilt the front end of the rack up
new wall oven. Compare your recipes with the
mad place the rack between the rack supports.
baking chart on page 8 or refer to a reliable
Slide it back until it clears the lock-stop position.
cookbook for proper reconunendations.
It is
Lower the front and slide the rack straight in.
normal to notice some differences between this
Pull the rack out to the lock-stop position to be
appliance and your old one.
sure it is positioned correctly and then return it
to its normal position.
the Controls
To set yore" oven for baking or roasting:
Rack Positions
i. When cool, position the racks in the oven
It is important that air can circulate freely within
according to what you are baking,
the oven and around the food. To help insure
2. Press OVEN TEMP pad. Bake 000° will
this, place food in the center of the oven rack.
appear in the display.
Allow-two inches between the edge of the
utensil(s) and the oven walls. If cooking on two
3. Turn the SET knob to the desired oven
racks, stagger the food to insure proper airflow.
The temperature
reading will
Do not attempt to change the raek positions
increase by 5° increments up to 550 °. The
when the oven is hot. Use the following
word On will light in the display and the
display will rise in 5 ° increments
guidelines when selecting the proper rack
while the oven is preheating. Allow 10-15
minutes for preheating.
Used for roasting large cuts of meat and
4. Place the food in the center of the oven,
large poultry,
frozenpies, souffles,
a ngel
allowing a mininmm of two inches between
foodcake,or loavesofbread.
the utensiI(s) and the oven walls,
lla_k _'-
Used for roasting small cuts of meat,
large casseroles, baking loaves of bread,
cakes (in either tube, bundt, or layer
5. Check the food for aloneness at the minimum
time given in the recipe. Cook longer if
pans) or two-rackbaking.
Used for most baked goods on a cookie
necessary. Turn the oven off by pressing the
} sheet or jelly roll pan, or frozen
CANCEL pad. Remove food from the oven.
Used for most broiling and two rack
Oven Vent
Used for sonic broiling.
The oven vent is located below the control panel
on your wall oven. When the oven is in use, this
area may feel warm or hot to the touch. To
prevent problems, do not block the vent opening
Never plaee pans directly on the oven bottom.
in mayway.
Do not cover an entire oven rack with aluminum
foil or place foil directly under a utensil. To catch
Oven Racks
spillovers, cnt a piece of foil a little larger than
the pan and place it on the rack below"the
The two oven racks are designed with a lock-stop
edge to keep the racks from coming completely
out of the oven when there is food placed on

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Table of Contents

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