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Maintenance; Adjusting The Oven Thermostat - Maytag CWE9000BCB Use And Care Manual

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Table of Contents
the Oven
To adjust
the thermostat:
1. Press the OVEN TEMP pad.
After using your oven the first few times, it may
2. Using the SET knob, select an oven
seem hotter or cooler than your previous oven.
between 500°F and 550°F.
Oven thermostats, over a period of years, may
drift from the factory setting and timing
3. Press and hold the OVEN TEMP pad for
differences of 5 to 10 minutes are not unusual
about four seconds. The display will change to
the oven adjustment displ_ which reads 00.
between an old and a new oven. You may be
inclined to think that the new oven is not
4. The oven thermostat can be adjusted up to
performing correetly; however, your new oven
+35°F hotter or -35°F cooler. Use the SET
has been set correctly at the factory and is more
knob to select the desired change in the
likely to be accurate than the oven it replaced,
If you think the oven should be hotter or cooler,
5. When you have made the adjustment, press
you can adjust it yourself. To decide how much
the CANCEL pad to go back to the time-of-
to change the thermostat, set the oven
day display. Use your oven as you would
25°F higher or lower than the
temperature in your recipe, then bake. The
This adjustment will not affect Broil or
results of the "test" should give you an idea of
Clean temperatures.
The new temperature will
how much the thermostat should be changed,
be remembered
if the power is interrupted.

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Table of Contents

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