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Before You Call For Service - Maytag CWE9000BCB Use And Care Manual

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Cheek these points if...
Food does not broil properly
Part or all of your wall oven does not
* Are the controls for broiling set properly'?
(see Broiling section)
• Is the wall oven plug loose or disconnected
• Was the proper rack position used? (see
from tile electrical outlet (if not wired direct
Broiling section)
to the electrical supply)?
• Did you allow time for the broil element to
• Are any house fuses blown or circuit
breakers tripped?
• Was the broiler pan received with the wall
• Has a wall oven fuse blown (Canadian wall
oven used?
ovens only)?
• Was almniuum foil used on the broiler pan
• Has the power supply to the home been
insert, blocking the slits for fat drainage?
Oven light does not operate
• Are the oven controls properly set?
• Is the bulb loose or bunaed out?
• Was the electronic control correctly set?
• Is the light switch in the On position?
• Was the door left in the locked position
Oven will not self-clean
following a self-clean cycle?
• Is the self-clean control set properly? (see
• Is the oven set for delay start?
Self-Clean instntctions)
Food not baking correctly
* Is the oven set for delay start?
• Are the oven racks properly placed for
Oven door won't latch
baking? (see Baking Chart)
• Are the proper controls set for the self-dean
• Have you used aluminum foil correctly?
cycle? (see Self-Clean instructions).
• Was the oven preheated as recommended?
Oven door will not unlock
• Are the controls for bake operations
• Has the self-clean cycle been finished for at
properly set?
least one hour?
• Is there 1 to 2 inches of space between pans
and the oven walls? Are the wall oven and
"F" plus a number appears
in the display
oven racks level?
• These are fault codes. Ira fault code appears
• Was good cookware/bakeware
of the proper
in the display and a continuous beep sounds,
size used?
press the CANCEL button. If the fault code
• Are you using a tested recipe from a reliable
reappears, disconnect power to the wall
soume? The oven thermostat on your new
oven and call a qualified service technician.
wall oven may be more accurate than the
one on your old wall oven.
• Was the oven vent covered or blocked on
the wall oven surface?

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