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Electrical Treadmill Manual Book
JLL S400
Thank you for choosing to purchase our home electrical treadmill.
This manual includes instructions on how to operate the treadmill and issues which will require
your attention.
An unexpected incident will occur if the treadmill is used in an improper manner. So please read
this book thoroughly and carefully before operating this treadmill.


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   Summary of Contents for JLL S400

  • Page 1

    Electrical Treadmill Manual Book JLL S400 Thank you for choosing to purchase our home electrical treadmill. This manual includes instructions on how to operate the treadmill and issues which will require your attention. An unexpected incident will occur if the treadmill is used in an improper manner. So please read this book thoroughly and carefully before operating this treadmill.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Exercise Safety Precautions Facility Safety Precautions Safety key Warning stickers Assembly Preparing site Diagram Content listing Electrical power requirements S400 Assembly Fold/Unfold the treadmill Setup options Configuration Testing the treadmill operation Specifications S400 Operation User control symbols used Setup Starting the Treadmill...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Maintenance Preventive maintenance activities Warning Other preventive maintenance • Treadmill cleaning • Treadmill balance • 5 steps to lubricate the JLL S400 treadmill • Treadmill lubrication • Adjust running belt • Adjust motor belt Customer Service Contacting service Return material Damaged parts •...

  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    Safety Instructions Please pay attention to the following instructions before operating this treadmill. Connect with User safety the Ground Instructions precautions treadmill must earthed and plugged into appropriate electrical outlet that is properly installed and earthed in accordance with all Prior to use: local codes and ordinances.

  • Page 5: Facility Safety Precautions, Safety Key

    • Read and understand the Manual Book completely before using the treadmill. • Ensure all users wear proper footwear on JLL equipment. • Set up and operate the treadmill on a level surface. DO NOT operate in recessed areas or on plush carpet.

  • Page 6: Warning Stickers

    Warning stickers Warning stickers indicate a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury. Carefully read and understand the following caution and warning labels before using the unit. Caution stickers indicate a potentially hazardous situation, which if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury.

  • Page 7: Preparing Site

    Assembly Preparing Site Before assembling, verify the choosing site meets clearances: 0.5 m at each side and 2.0 m at the following criteria: the back. • Area is well illuminate and well ventilated • Place the treadmill in a normal environment •...

  • Page 8: Content Listing, Electrical Power Requirements

    Warning: Heavy equipment. Content listing • At least two people must lift, move or assemble it. • Use safe lifting methods. Warning: Falling hazard. When starting unit. 1. Before starting the machine, place your feet on the side frames located on each side of the running belt.

  • Page 9: S400 Assembly

    Shock and electrocution hazard. S400 Assembly • Connect unit to an earthed outlet. • Do not use voltage adapter or extension cable. he treadmill has been assembled and tested at the factory, so you shouldn’t have any problem putting all the parts together. Components are designed to fit together, and only basic tools are required for the assembly process.

  • Page 10: Fold/unfold The Treadmill

    Fold/Unfold the treadmill Fold: Before fold the treadmill. Remove the secure locks place on both sides of the running deck. Hold the end of the running deck, by the side frames/rails, and lift it until the machine gets an upright position and you hear a click from the security lock clasp.

  • Page 11: Treadmill Operation, User Controls

    User controls the full speed of the treadmill and to check the belt for proper operation. JLL recommends that the treadmill is unplugged or the on/off power (I/O) is switched off (O) when not in use. 1. Without anyone on the machine, plug the treadmill.

  • Page 12: Specifications S400

    Specifications S400: Store Foldable and easy transport Main body: 178 cm (70.1”) x 74 cm (29.1”) x 28 cm (11.0”) Packing Monitor: 77 cm (30.3”) x 74 cm (29.1”) x 24 cm (9.5”) Occupying area 170 cm (70”) x 70 cm (27.6”) x 134 cm (52.7”) Folded area 110 cm (43.3”) x 70 cm (27.6”) x 134 cm (52.7”)

  • Page 13: User Control Symbols Used

    Operation Read and understand all instructions and warnings before using the treadmill. Understand all the safety procedure located in the Safety chapter. Before starting any exercise program consult your physician. User Control Symbols Used Set up Press SET to establish the parameters Press STOP once to stop the running belt, end the workout Stop session, and start the Workout Review.

  • Page 14: Console Display

    Setup Console display Distance Time Heart Rate Calories / Weight Speed Incline Set up parameter Pause/Stop During the treadmill workout, press The treadmill should be completely the STOP button once for stopping the stopped. treadmill and keep the data recorded so far.

  • Page 15: Starting The Treadmill, Stopping The Treadmill, Emergency Dismount, Data Readouts

    Starting the Treadmill Stopping the Treadmill Maximum user weight is up to 120 kg, 18.8 St or 264 lb. Press STOP once workout session. The treadmill will 1. Switch on the treadmill. smoothly stop and the accumulated 2. Set up your weight to calculate calories burned. data will be displayed.

  • Page 16: Entertainment

    Entertainment Play iPhone/iPod/MP3 music All music files should be in MP3 format. Leave the iPod/iPhone/ MP3 on the desired folder, the treadmill does not have the option of move through those different folders. 1. Connect iPod/iPhone/MP3 into the headphone connection using an auxiliary cable.

  • Page 17: Quick Operation Guide

    Warning: Falling hazard. When starting unit • Stand on the side frames of the running belt. • Do not stand on the running belt. Quick Operation Guide Maximum user weight is 120 kg, 18.8 St or 264 lb. 4. Hold the handrails while you step onto the running belt and begin walking.

  • Page 18

  • Page 19: Program Choices (speed)

    Program choices (Speed) The speed will change every 200 metres.

  • Page 20: Program Choices (incline)

    Program choices (Incline) The incline will change every 200 metres.

  • Page 21: Heart Rate

    Table with the different running programmes 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 Speed (km/h) and Incline (%) Running Programmes Speed PO 1 Incline Speed PO 2 Incline Speed PO 3 Incline Speed PO 4 Incline Speed PO 5 Incline Speed Running Programmes (km/h) PO 6 PO 7 PO 8...

  • Page 22: Set Up Personal Programmes

    Set up personal programmes With the JLL treadmill S400 you can set your own 3 running programmes. Each program has 10 sections that change every 200 metres and you can set up every section (speed and incline). Follow the steps:...

  • Page 23: Preventive Maintenance

    Maintenance Maintenance must be performed on a regular basis. Performing maintenance actions can aid in providing safe, trouble-free operation of all JLL equipment. JLL is not responsible for performing regular inspection and maintenance actions for your machines. Instruct all personal in equipment inspection and maintenance actions and also in accident reporting/ recording. JLL representatives are available to answer any questions that you may have. Preventive Warning for maintenance, service and repair Maintenance activities • Must be performed by trained service personnel only. • Use only JLL replacement parts. • Unplug unit and let sit 10...

  • Page 24: Treadmill Cleaning

    Treadmill Cleaning 5 steps to lubricate the JLL D100 treadmill eep the running belt free of dust and debris 1. Unplug the treadmill. for smooth running and prevent injuries. They 2. Access to the deck by could damage the electric motor and other lifting the belt on the treadmill moving parts. up with your fingers or with After every workout use a neat, dry cloth for something flat and no sharp.

  • Page 25: Treadmill Lubrication

    Treadmill Lubrication If the level of friction between the deck and lubricate it every 6 months. the belt is high, it will damage the motor • 3-6 hours per week, and electronics. The running belt must be lubricate it every 3 months. lubricated by a special lubrication oil after a • More than 6 hours per week, period of usage. A well-lubricated treadmill lubricate it every month. will have a smooth running and last longer. Tool Required: Recommendation: • Special lubrication oil • Less than 3 hours per week of use, (provided in the box) Adjust Running Belt fter a period of time, the user will feel there is 3. Get back to the treadmill and check the belt a pause sensation whilst running. Running belt (read description above). If it is still loose, can loose and stretch a bit over time causing a re-adjust the belt screws by another quarter. slipping sensation if it is not adjusted and tightened Until you get a tighten belt. when is needed. 4. Run the machine on its own for 1-2 minutes to If the belt is too tight, this may cause harm to see if the belt stays in the middle. your motor and/or roller. A belt too loose or too tight 5. Do the final test. Leave the machine running for can cause wear and tear of both the belt and the...

  • Page 26: Adjust Motor Belt

    Adjust Motor Belt fter a period of time, the user will feel there is a pause sensation whilst running. That may be due to a loose drive belt, so adjust the motor belt would be necessary. First of all, you have to check if it is loose following the steps below: Check If The Motor Belt Is Loosen 1. Unplug the treadmill. 2. Remove the motor cover by unscrewing the bolts on each side. You will see the motor located on the left hand side of the treadmill. 3. The easy way of checking is by touching the drive belt to feel if it is slack. If you can wiggle the belt up and down, means that the drive belt is loose. 4. Another way of checking is setting the speed at 2-3 km/h. Walk on the machine and try to stop the running belt with your feet while holding the handrails and pulling your body on the opposite direction. If the motor pulley stops and the front drive roller keeps running means that the motor belt is loose and it needs to be tightened. Tight The Running Belt: 1. Power off. 2. Locate the four bolts holding the motor. 3. Loosen those four bolts, but do not remove them. 4. Locate the long tensioning bolt that goes from the front edge of the treadmill to the front edge of the motor pallet. NOTE: You should remove the plastic cover to have access to the long tension bolt. 5. Use an Allen key in a clockwise sensation to tighten the tensioning bolt just enough to remove the slipping. 6. Check the tension on the belt.

  • Page 27: Contacting Service, Damaged Parts

    Inform us within 7 working days of the delivery and send a picture of the damage product to JLL Electronics will, at its option, repair the product, Return Material replace the item or issue a refund. You will not be charged for the cost of returning a defective product.

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