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Connections Settings; Recording An Outgoing Message (ogm) On An External Tad; Multi-line Connections (pabx) - Brother MFC-J2510 Basic User's Manual

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Chapter 7

Connections settings

The external TAD must be connected as
shown in the previous illustration.
Using both hands, use the finger holds
on each side of the machine to lift the
scanner cover into the open position.
Carefully guide the telephone line cord
into the cable channel and out the back
of the machine.
Lift the scanner cover to release the
lock. Gently push the scanner cover
support down and close the scanner
cover using both hands.
Set your external TAD to one or two
rings. (The machine's Ring Delay setting
does not apply.)
Record the outgoing message on your
external TAD.
Set the TAD to answer calls.
Set the Receive Mode to
External TAD. (See Receive Modes
on page 47.)
Recording an outgoing
message (OGM) on an
external TAD
Timing is important in recording this
Record 5 seconds of silence at the
beginning of your message. (This allows
your machine time to listen for the fax
CNG tones of automatic transmissions
before they stop.)
Limit your speaking to 20 seconds.
We recommend beginning your OGM with
an initial 5 second silence because the
machine may not hear the fax tones over
a voice. You may try omitting this pause,
but if your machine has trouble receiving,
then you must re-record the OGM to
include it.

Multi-line connections (PABX)

Most offices use a central telephone system.
Brother recommends that all our machines be
connected to a discreet (dedicated) line.
Although a particular PABX may appear to
work with a particular model of fax machine,
we cannot guarantee that the unit will operate
While it is often relatively simple to connect a
fax machine to a PABX, (Private Automatic
Branch Exchange), we suggest that you
contact the company that installed your
telephone system and ask them to connect
the fax machine for you.
Brother does not recommend the use of a
PABX line. PABX limitations in general can
cause some functions of the fax machine not
to work correctly.


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