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Talk Range; Accessories - Motorola T289 User Manual

Motorola two-way radio users manual ta280, t289
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Talkabout radios have been designed to maximize performance and improve
transmission range in the field. It is recommended that you do not use the
radios closer than 5 feet apart because of heavy interference.
Talk range depends on the terrain. These are line of sight radios and talk
range will be affected by concrete structures, heavy foliage and operating
radios indoors and in vehicles.
Talk range in flat, open
Range is decreased when
areas, up to 2 miles.
buildings and trees are in
the way.
To clean the radio, wipe with a soft cloth dampened with water. Don't use
cleaners or solvents on the radio, they can harm the body and leak inside,
causing permanent damage. Battery contacts may be wiped with a dry, lint-
free cloth.
If the radio gets wet, turn it off and remove batteries immediately. Dry battery
compartment with a soft cloth to minimize potential water damage. Leave
cover off the battery compartment overnight or until completely dry. Do not
use the radio until completely dry.
A c c e s s o r i e s
With the audio and carrying accessories (sold separately) available for
Talkabout radios, you'll be able to receive incoming messages in privacy with
an Earbud or Flexible Ear Receiver. With a Speaker Microphone or an Earbud
with Push-To-Talk Microphone, you'll enjoy the convenience of being able to
talk and listen without reaching for your radio. Use your radio hands free with
a headset with swivel boom mic or an ultra lightweight headset.
We've also got a selection of cases perfect for all your radio transport needs.
Whether it's an Arm Pack, Belt Case, or Waterproof Bag, Motorola has a great
carrying case for you! For information contact place of purchase or call
Motorola at:
1 R W H  When using audio accessories, the radio's volume should be kept at a
comfortable listening level. Before you place the audio accessory on your
head or in your ear, turn down the volume.
Dense foliage or
mountains can limit range.

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