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Battery Meter; Low Battery Alert; B E L T H O L S T E R - Motorola T289 User Manual

Motorola two-way radio users manual ta280, t289
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B a t t e r y M e t e r
The Battery Meter, located on the front
display, is divided into three bars. As power is
used, the bars will disappear. Figure 7.
N o t e : To ensure proper functioning of the
battery meter use only the Motorola NiMH rechargeable battery or
three AA alkaline batteries. The meter will not work accurately
with Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) or rechargeable alkaline AA batteries.
L o w B a t t e r y A l e r t
When the battery is low, the radio will beep:
• 3 to 4 seconds after turning power on
• every 10 minutes in standby mode
• after releasing Push-To-Talk button
• after releasing the Call button
N o t e : Remove batteries before storing your radio for extended periods.
Batteries may corrode over time and cause permanent damage to your radio.

B e l t H o l s t e r

Talkabout radios come with a belt holster
which can be used with both the NiMH and
AA battery doors.
Figure 7.
1. Position the base of the radio in bottom
portion of holster.
2. Push the radio towards the holster until
it latches into place. Figure 8.
3. To remove radio from holster, pull the top
tab on holster away from radio.
Figure 9.
N o t e : You may find it easier to clip the
holster onto your belt before you insert radio
into the holster. Figure 10.
Figure 8.
Figure 9.
Figure 10.

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