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H A N D S F R E E U S E; Using Vox Feature; Setting Vox/Ivox Sensitivity - Motorola T289 User Manual

Motorola two-way radio users manual ta280, t289
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H a n d s F r e e U s e

Talkabout radios have built-in Voice Operated Transmission (VOX) capability.
This means the sound of your voice activates transmission when the radio is
used with VOX accessories (sold separately).
The T289 also has iVOX (Internal Voice Operated Transmission), which allows
you to use the radio hands free without an accessory in place. Read the instruc-
tions below to activate the iVOX feature.
U s i n g V O X F e a t u r e
1. With radio off, plug accessory connector into
jack on left side of radio. Figure 19.
2. Turn radio on.
3. Lower volume with Scroll button before plac-
ing accessory on head or in ear. VOX
appears on display to indicate VOX is active.
4. To transmit, speak into accessory microphone.
To receive, stop talking.
1. Turn the radio on with the Push-To-Talk depressed to arm the iVOX fea-
2. To activate, quickly press the Push-To-Talk button. The VOX indicator will
appear on the display to indicate that the iVOX feature is active.
3. To transmit, speak into radio microphone. To receive, stop talking.
Note: There will be a brief delay between when you start/stop talking and
radio transmission time. If you press the Push-To-Talk button, you will disable
the VOX/iVOX feature.
1. Press Push-To-Talk button once. The VOX display will disappear.
2. To transmit, press Push-To-Talk button on radio. To receive, release the
• To return to iVOX mode follow instructions above.
• To return to VOX mode, turn the radio off, then on again with the
accessory in place.
S e t t i n g V O X / i V O X S e n s i t i v i t y
Talkabout radios allow you to adjust VOX sensi-
tivity of radio to compensate for varying levels of
background noise.
1. With radio on, press Menu button five times
to enter VOX sensitivity mode.
2. VOX will appear on display along with the
current VOX setting. Figure 20.
3. Use Scroll buttons to select level.
Figure 19.
1 = Low sensitivity for high levels of background noise.
2 = Medium sensitivity for use in most applications.
3 = High sensitivity for low levels of background noise.
• The radio will return to operation mode after 10 seconds or after you
press the Push-To-Talk button.
• When using audio accessories, radio volume should be kept at a com-
fortable listening level. Before you place the audio accessory on your
head or in your ear, turn down the volume.
• When using iVOX, sensitivity level 3 is recommended.
Figure 20.

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