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Motorola 9 User Manual Page 164

Motorola pda 009 user's guide.
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C h a p t e r 1 5
key moves the focus between your grid, the Fire! button, the New Game button, and
the Surrendr button. Use the N
ship 90 degrees. When you've decided where you want to place your ship, press the
key to fix the ship permanently. In Multi-Ship mode, you need to place three ships–the
battleship followed by two cruisers.
Note When placing your ships in a multi-ship game, you cannot stack your ships on top of
each other. If you attempt to do this, you'll receive a message informing you of the ille-
gal position.
Other buttons on the menu bar are Help, Won/Lost, Done, and Resend. Help provides a
synopsis of the game and its rules. Won/Lost provides information about your record against
an opponent. Done returns you to the Select Opponent screen. Resend appears if you're
playing an OTA game; it resends your last shot or challenge to the selected OTA opponent.
Once you've placed your ship, one of the following events will occur:
If you're playing against your device, you can fire.
If you're playing an OTA game, a challenge will automatically be issued to the selected
To fire, press
with the N
Press the
Tab to the Fire! button and press the
In Multi-Ship or Salvo mode, the shots appear as question marks (?) to distinguish them from
previous shots, which appear either as X's or O's. Once the allotted shots have been made, a
message is sent to your opponent.
Note After you fire once at your OTA opponent, the status bar displays a message indicating
the current and total allotted shots. (Recall that after you lose one or more ships, your
allotment of shots decreases.) For example, if you've lost a cruiser and you've fired
twice, the status bar would read "Fire 2 of 3."
If you're losing badly and don't wish to wait for the inevitable, you can surrender by choosing
the Surrender button. You can also choose the New Game button to start a new game.
After the game is over, you'll get a summary of your victory or defeat.
Accompli 009 User's Guide
S h i p 2 Sh ip
to move your ship on the 8x8 grid. Use 'R' to rotate the
until the cursor appears in your opponent's grid, position the cursor
, then do one of the following:
key, or


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