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Motorola 9 User Manual Page 169

Motorola pda 009 user's guide.
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To start the game, the house deals two cards (one face up and one face down) to himself and
two cards (face up) to the player. Draw 21 displays the points for the player's hand and the
points for the house's card that is face up.
The Player's Play
First, the player plays his hand, using the following choices:
If the player has 21 points
The player doesn't have 21
The player's hand contains
five cards without exceeding
21 points
The player's hand exceeds 21
The player hasn't bust, and
he doesn't want any more
In the following example, the player is dealt a 4 and an ace, for a total of 15 points.
Then, the player takes a hit, and gets a 7. Counting the ace as 11 points would cause the
player's hand to exceed 21 points, so Draw 21 counts the ace as 1 point.
The player takes another hit and busts. The house wins and the hand is over.
The House's Play
If the player doesn't bust, but chooses to stand, the house plays his hand. The house must
take additional cards until his hand is 17 or greater. If the house's hand exceeds 21 points,
this is called a bust, and the house loses the hand.
The player should stand, which means he doesn't
want any more cards.
The player can request another card, which is called
a hit. The player can request three cards in addition
to the two cards he was dealt at the beginning of the
The player wins the hand.
This is called a bust, and the player loses the hand.
The player should stand.
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