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Combining Microwaves And Convection - Samsung MC11J7033CT User Manual

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Combining microwaves and convection

Combination cooking uses both microwave energy and convection heating. No preheating is
required as the microwave energy is immediately available.
Many foods can be cooked in combination mode, particularly:
Roast meats and poultry
Pies and cakes
Egg and cheese dishes
ALWAYS use microwave-safe and oven-
proof cookware. Glass or ceramic dishes
are ideal as they allow the microwaves to
penetrate the food evenly.
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ALWAYS use oven gloves when touching
the recipients in the oven, as they will be
very hot. You can get better cooking and
browning, if you use the low rack.
Open the door. Place the food on the
turntable or on the low rack which should
then be placed on the turntable. Close the
door. The heating element must be in the
horizontal position.
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