Maintenance; Shutting Down; Technical Faults, Possible Causes And Remedies - Schaudt CSV 300 Instruction Manual

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Instruction Manual Power Supply Unit CSV 300


The power supply unit requires no maintenance.
Clean the power supply unit with a soft, slightly damp cloth and mild deter-
Never use spirit, thinners or similar substances.
Do not allow fluid to penetrate the inside of the power supply unit.

Shutting down

If you are not going to use the caravan for a lengthy period (for example over
the winter), disconnect the caravan from the mains power supply or switch the
mains fuse of the caravan to "Off".

Technical faults, possible causes and remedies

If you are unable to solve a fault using the following tables, please contact our
customer service address.
If this is not possible, e.g. if you are abroad, you can have the power supply
unit repaired at a specialist workshop.
Inexpert repairs invalidate the guarantee for the power supply unit and
Schaudt GmbH takes no liability for any resulting damage.
All connected consumers
are not powered
Some consumers are not
If the device becomes too hot due to excessive ambient temperature or
lack of ventilation, the output current is automatically reduced. However,
always prevent the device from overheating.
Situation: 25.11.2009
Possible cause
No mains voltage
No connection to the tow-
ing vehicle
12 V fuse has triggered
Switch on the automatic
fuse in the vehicle
Have the mains voltage
Insert connector plug into
the towing vehicle
Check the 12 V fuse
805.031 BA / EN

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