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The Environment; Packing; Use; Cleaning - Electrolux +7GCGD2C00 Manual


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Packing materials are environment friendly and can
be stored without risk, or burned in a special waste
incineration plant.
Recyclable plastic components are marked with:
Polyethylene: outer wrapping, instruction booklet
bag, gas nozzle bag.
Polypropylene: roof packing panels, straps.
Polystyrene foam: corner protectors.

2. USE

Our appliances offer high performance and efficiency. To
reduce consumption of electricity, water or gas, do not use
the appliance empty or in conditions that compromise optimal
efficiency (e.g. with doors or lids open, etc.); the appliance
is used in a well-ventilated place to avoid the creation of
dangerous mixtures of unburnt gases in the room. Whenever
possible, pre-heat only before use.


In order to reduce the emission of pollutants into the environ-
ment, clean the appliance (externally and when necessary
internally) with products that are more than 90% biodegra-
dable (for further information, see chap. V "CLEANING").


Do not disperse in the environment. Our ap-
pliances are manufactured using more than
90% (in weight) recyclable metals (stainless
steel, iron, aluminium, galvanised sheet,
copper, etc.).
Make the appliance unusable by removing
the power cable and any compartment or cavity closing me-
chanisms (when present) in order to avoid the risk of someone
becoming closed inside.


Carefully read the installation and maintenance procedu-
res given in this instruction manual before installing the
• Installation, maintenance and conversion to
another type of gas must only be carried out
by qualified personnel authorised by the manu-
Failure to observe the correct appliance installation, con-
version and modification procedures can cause damage
to the appliance, danger to persons and invalidates the
Manufacturer's warranty.


• Install the appliance in accordance with the safety regu-
lations and local laws of the country where used.
• AUSTRALIA: this appliance shall be installed only by
authorised persons and in accordance with the manufactu-
rer's installation instructions, local gas fitting regulation-
s,municipal building codes, electrical wiring regulations,
local water supply regulations, AS5601-gas installation,
health authorites and any other statutory regulations.


Immediately check for any damage caused during tran-
• The forwarder is responsible for the goods during transport
and delivery.
• Inspect the packing before and after unloading.
• Make a complaint to the forwarder in case of visible or
hidden damage, reporting any damage or shortages on
the dispatch note on delivery.
• The driver must sign the dispatch note: The forwarder
can reject the claim if the dispatch note is not signed (the
forwarder can provide the necessary form).
• Unpack, taking care not to damage the equi-
pment. Wear protective gloves.
• Carefully remove the protective film from metal surfaces
and clean any traces of glue with a suitable solvent.
• For hidden damage or shortages becoming apparent only
after unpacking, request the forwarder for inspection of the
goods within and not later than 15 days of delivery.
• Keep all the documentation contained in the packing.


• Handle the equipment with care in order to avoid damage
or danger to persons. Use a pallet for handling and posi-
• The installation diagram given in this instruction manual
gives the appliance dimensions and the position of con-
nections (gas, electricity, water). Check that they are avai-
lable and ready for making all the necessary connections.
• The appliance can be installed separately or combined
with other appliances of the same range.
• The appliances are not designed for built-in installation.
Leave at least 10 cm between the appliance and side or
rear non-combustible walls.
Leave at least 25 cm between the appliance and side or
rear walls made from combustible materials.
• Suitably insulate surfaces that are at distances less than
those recommended.
• Maintain an adequate distance between the appliance
and any combustible walls. Do not store or use flammable
materials and liquids near the appliance.
• Leave an adequate space between the appliance and
any side walls in order to enable subsequent servicing or
maintenance operations.
• Check and if necessary level the appliance after posi-
tioning. Incorrect levelling of the appliance can affect
combustion and cause malfunctioning.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents