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Help - Motorola MBP36 User Manual

Motorola baby monitor user manual
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7. Help

No display
• Try recharging or replacing the battery pack.
• Reset the units. Disconnect the battery pack of the parent unit and
unplug both the units' electrical power, then plug them back in.
• Is the unit turned on?
Press and hold the ON/OFF key
• Is the correct camera selected?
Change the camera number, if necessary.
• Is the video display turned on?
Press the VIDEO ON/OFF key
• When operating using batteries, only the Display will go blank after 2
minutes to save power.
The unit is still active and will give you audio alerts. You can
reactivate the screen by pressing any key.
If the Baby Unit has lost its link with the Parent Unit
• Try recharging or replacing the battery pack.
• If the Baby Unit is too far away it may be going out of range, so move
the Baby Unit closer to the Parent Unit.
• Reset the units by disconnecting them from the battery and electrical
power. Wait about 15 seconds before reconnecting. Allow up to one
minute for the Baby Unit and the Parent Unit to synchronize.
• See 2.4 Registration (Pairing), if there is a need to re-register the
on the parent unit to turn it ON.
to turn it on.

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