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Daewoo KOR-6L5R Operating Instructions & Cook Book

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Customer Helpline number: 0844 887 2525
Before operating this oven, please read these instructions completely.



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  Summary of Contents for Daewoo KOR-6L5R

  • Page 1 MICROWA VE OVEN KOR-6L5R OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS & COOK BOOK Customer Helpline number: 0844 887 2525 Before operating this oven, please read these instructions completely.
  • Page 2: Precautions To Avoid Possible

    PRECAUTIONS TO AVOID POSSIBLE EXPOSURE TO EXCESSIVE MICROWAVE ENERGY (a) Do not attempt to operate this oven with the door open since open-door operation can result in harmful exposure to microwave energy. It is important not to defeat or tamper with the safety interlocks. (b) Do not place any object between the oven front face and the door or allow soil or cleaner residue to accumulate on sealing surfaces.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS • PRECAUTIONS TO AVOID POSSIBLE EXPOSURE TO EXCESSIVE MICROWAVE ENERGY1 • IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ..................3 • EARTHING INSTRUCTIONS .......................5 • INSTALLATION ..........................5 • FIRST SET UP ..........................6 • FEATURES DIAGRAM .........................7 • FEATURES DIAGRAM (CONTINUED) ..................8 • OPERATION PROCEDURE ......................9 •...
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ CAREFULLY AND KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE WARNING : To prevent fire, burns, electric shock and other warnings: Listed below are, as with all appliances, certain rules to follow and safeguards to assure high performance from this oven: 1.
  • Page 5: Save These Instructions

    13. The contents of feeding bottles and be boiling due to surface tension of baby food jars shall be stirred or the liquid. Visible bubbling or boiling shaken and the temperature when the container is removed from checked before consumption, in the microwave oven is not always order to avoid burns.
  • Page 6: Earthing Instructions

    EARTHING INSTRUCTIONS This appliance must be earthed. In the event of an IMPORTANT electrical short circuit, earthing reduces the risk of The wires in this mains lead fitted to this appliance electric shock by providing an escape wire for the are colored in accordance with the following code.
  • Page 7: First Set Up

    FIRST SET UP Connect the plug into the socket. Zero Standby mode is selected automatically. (The display will be turned off.) • Press and hold ECO button until LED display is turned on and a beep sounds. • The oven is now ready for use. Ten minutes after cooking is finished the oven will automatically go into Zero Standby and use no power.
  • Page 8: Features Diagram

    FEATURES DIAGRAM 1 Door latch - When the door is closed, it will 8 Roller guide - This must always be used automatically shut off. If the door is opened for cooking together with the glass cooking while the oven is operating, the magnetron tray.
  • Page 9: Features Diagram (Continued)

    FEATURES DIAGRAM (continued) 1 DISPLAY - Cooking time, power level are 6 ONE TOUCH COOK - Used to cook or displayed. reheat specific quantities of food. 2 AUTO COOK - Used to cook or reheat 7 TIME SET BUTTON - Used to set the many of favorite food.
  • Page 10: Operation Procedure

    OPERATION PROCEDURE This section includes useful information about oven operation. Plug power supply cord into 230V AC 50Hz Display will be returned to the " : 0 " when the power outlet. cooking time ends. Press eco button until beep sounds and When the STOP/CLEAR button is pushed display is turned on.
  • Page 11: Controls

    CONTROLS TURNING AC POWER ON & OFF THE OVEN When the oven is first plugged in , the display will show nothing. 1. Press and hold Eco button until display is turned on and beep sounds. The oven is turned AC power on. 2.
  • Page 12: Weight Defrosting

    WEIGHT DEFROSTING When WEIGHT DEFROST is selected, the automatic cycle divides the defrosting time into periods of alternating defrost and stand times by cycling on and off. 1. Push the WEIGHT DEFROST The display will show you " 0" . button.
  • Page 13: Cooking In One Stage

    COOKING IN ONE STAGE 1. Push the POWER button. The display will show what you selected (Select the desired power level.) NOTE: If step 1 is omitted, the oven will cook at full power. The display will show what you selected 2.
  • Page 14: Cooking In Two Stage

    COOKING IN TWO STAGE All recipes require frozen foods to be defrosted fully before cooking. This oven can be programmed to automatically defrost food before cooking. 1. Push the WEIGHT DEFROST button. 2. Push the TIME SET buttons for the defrosting weight The display will show what you selected you want.
  • Page 15: +30 Sec

    +30 sec +30 sec allows you to reheat for 30 seconds at 100% (full power) by simply pushing the +30 sec button. By repeatedly pushing the +30 sec button, you can also extend reheating time to 5 minutes by 30 second increments.
  • Page 16: Auto Cook

    1. Push the PASTA button once When you push the PASTA once, “1” is for 1 serving of pasta or twice displayed. After 1.5 seconds, the display is for 2 servings of pasta changed into cooking time and the oven starts cooking.
  • Page 17: How To Stop The Oven While The Oven Is Operating

    HOW TO STOP THE OVEN WHILE THE OVEN IS OPERATING 1. Push the STOP/CLEAR button. • You can restart the oven by pushing the START button. • Push the STOP/CLEAR once more to erase all instructions. • You must enter in new instructions. 2.
  • Page 18: Care Of Your Microwave Oven

    CARE OF YOUR MICROWAVE OVEN The oven should be cleaned regularly and any food deposits removed. Failure to maintain the oven in a clean condition could lead to deterioration of the surface that could adversely affect the life of the appliance and possibly result in a hazardous situation. Turn the oven off before cleaning.
  • Page 19: Questions And Answers

    QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS * Q : I accidentally ran my microwave oven * Q : What does “standing time” mean? without any food in it. Is it damaged? A : “Standing time” means that food should be A : Running the oven empty for a short time will removed from the oven and covered for not damage the oven.
  • Page 20: Before You Call For Service

    BEFORE YOU CALL FOR SERVICE Refer to following checklist, you may prevent an unnecessary service call. * Sparking in the cavity; * The oven doesn’t work : 1. Check that the power cord is securely plugged 1. Check utensils. Metal containers or dishes with in and the oven is Zero Standby mode.
  • Page 21: Specifications

    OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS (W x H x D) 446 x 270 x 318 mm CAVITY DIMENSIONS (W x H x D) 295 x 219 x 303 mm KOR-6L5K3 : APPROX. 10.5 Kg NET WEIGHT KOR-6L5R : APPROX. 10.5 Kg * Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Page 22: Cooking Instructions

    COOKING INSTRUCTIONS Utensil Guide Only use utensils that are suitable for use in microwave ovens. To cook food in the microwave oven, the microwaves must be able to penetrate the food, without being reflected or absorbed by the dish used. Care must therefore be taken choosing the utensil. If the utensil is marked microwave-safe, you do not need to worry.
  • Page 23: Use Your Microwave Oven Safely

    USE YOUR MICROWAVE OVEN SAFELY General Use Do not operate the oven if door seals or sealing Do not attempt to defeat or tamper with safety surfaces are damaged; or if door is bent; or if hinges interlocks. are loose or broken. Do not place any object between the oven front Do not operate the oven empty.
  • Page 24: Microwaving Principles

    MICROWAVING PRINCIPLES Microwave energy has been used in this country to cook and reheat food since early experiments with RADAR in World War ll. Microwaves are present in the atmosphere all the time, both naturally and manmade sources. Manmade sources include radar, radio, television, telecommunication links and car phones. HOW MICROWAVES COOK FOOD Microwave oven is a Group 2 ISM equipment in which radio frequency energy is intentionally generated and used in the form of electromagnetic radiation for the treatment of material.
  • Page 25: Cooking Techniques

    COOKING TECHNIQUES STANDING TIME STARTING TEMPERATURE Dense foods e.g. meat, baked potatoes and The colder the food, the longer it takes to heat up. cakes, require standing time(inside or outside of Food from a fridge takes longer to reheat than the oven) after cooking, to allow heat to finish food at room temperature.
  • Page 26: Defrosting Guide

    DEFROSTING GUIDE ▶ Do not defrost covered meat. Covering might allow ▶ When defrosted, food should be cool, but softened in cooking to take place. Always remove outer wrap and all areas. If still slightly icy, return to microwave oven tray.
  • Page 27: Cooking & Reheating Chart

    COOKING & REHEATING CHART Cooking chart Cooking Time Power Item Per lb./450g Special Instruction Level 700W 800W MEAT Beef joint -Rare P-80 8-10 min. - Chilled meat and poultry should be removed from the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before -Medium P-80 9-11 min.
  • Page 28: Reheating Chart

    Reheating chart • Baby food particularly needs to be checked carefully before serving to prevent burns. • When heating pre-packaged ready-cooked foods, always follow the pack instructions carefully. • If you freeze foods which were bought from the fresh or chilled counters, remember that they should be thoroughly thawed before following the heating instructions on the packed.
  • Page 29: Vegetable Chart

    VEGETABLE CHART Use a suitable glass pyrex bowl with lid. Add 30-45ml cold water(2-3 tbsp.) for every 250g unless another water quantity is recommended - see table. Cook covered for the minimum time - see table. Continue cooking to get the result you prefer. Stir once during and once after cooking. Add salt, herbs or butter after cooking.

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