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Issue 1, September 2014


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  • Page 1

    UDR744 OUTDOOR Issue 1, September 2014...

  • Page 2: Customer Care

    If you need assistance, please do NOT return this product to your place of purchase. Our customer care specialists are available to serve you. Quickly find answers to your questions by: 1. Reading your owner’s manual, included with this product. 2. Visiting our customer support website at 3. Calling our customer care specialists at 1-800-658-8068.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    OVERVIEW ....................40 Uniden surveillance products are not manufactured and/or sold with the intent to be used for illegal purposes. Uniden expects consumer’s use of these products to be in compliance with all local, state and federal law. For further information on video surveillance and audio recording legal requirements, please consult your local, state and federal law.

  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Uniden Guardian™ Software Operations Overview. This section lists basic operations in an • abbreviated format. It references screen details in the third section. Uniden Guardian Screen Descriptions. Here you will find detailed descriptions of each screen • and how it is used.

  • Page 6

    One LCD monitor can pair four cameras • LCD : 5v DC 2A Power adaptor (+/-5%) • Camera: 9v DC 600mA (+/-5%) • RF range: 150 meter (Line of sight) • New recording indicator/ Memory card full indicator • Quad view •...

  • Page 7: What's Included

    WHAT’S INCLUDED You should have the following items: Not Shown: • (1) 5V 2A Power Adapter (Monitor) • (1) Ethernet (RJ45) Cable (1) UDR744 Monitor (2) Camera with stand • 8G SD Card • (1) 2000mA Battery (Monitor) • Mounting Hardware (2 sets) • Quick Start Guide (2) 9V 600mA Power Adapter (2) Antenna (may be...

  • Page 8: Getting To Know The Udr744 System

    GETTING TO KNOW THE UDR744 SYSTEM HARDWARE UDR744 MONITOR What it is LCD Screen: Displays video from the camera(s) or system operation interface. Microphone Wireless Antenna Power Button/ Scan Button: Press and hold to turn the receiver on/off. Press and release while the unit is powered on to turn Scan mode on/off. Speaker Power Port: Connert to a local power outlet using the included power adapter. Ethernet Port (RJ45): Connect the receiver to your router using the included Ethernet cable to enable smartphone / tablet connectivity Reset: Using a paper clip or other thin object, push the reset button to restore the system to its default settings.. Receiver Stand. Battery Cover...

  • Page 9: Udr744 Camera

    What it is Volume Up Volume Down Talk. Press and hold to talk through the camera. Release to listen for a response. SD Card Slot. Insert SD card for recording videos. Blue LED On - Monitor is in Scan mode. Flashing - Battery power is low UDR744 CAMERA What it is Camera Antenna: Sends and receiveds signals to/from the monitor. IR LEDs. Infrared IEDs provide viewing in low/ no light conditions. Camera Lens: Catches the video in front of the lens and transmits video from camera to monitor. Light Sensor: Sense brightness for changing between daytime and nighttime vision Microphone: Transmit audio to receiver. Pair Button: The pair button is located on the front of the camera. It is used to pair the camera with receiver.

  • Page 10: Set Up The Hardware

    3 - 4 seconds to power it up. POWER 4. The monitor displays the Uniden Guardian screen for a few seconds and then transitions to the LIVE view. The screen remains dark until the cameras are powered up.

  • Page 11: Install Cameras

    The UDR744 monitor’s screen has 3 main parts: Live View area. The main screen area displays live video from the camera(s). • Pop Out Menu Tab. Tap this tab to display 4 menus that let you manage the UDR744 system. See • page 18 for details.

  • Page 12: Udr744 Operation

    Auto Sequence mode off and return to Quad mode.. UDR744 OPERATION Your UDR744 monitor operates through a series of screens that let you choose groups of operations. For example, when you tap in the pop-up menus, you can view recorded...

  • Page 13: Live View Screen

    Live screen video displays. The UDR744 system always defaults to the Live screen in Quad mode after being idle for 2 minutes while in any other system screen. This default ensures that the system is ready to record video even if you forget to return to the Live screen.

  • Page 14

    Upload Available Microphone Motion Recording Change Volume display mode Indicator Channels NOTE: Icons on the monitor actually display in blue. What the Icons Mean UDR744 Icon What it does SIGNAL INDICATOR • Shows how strong the camera’s signal is. Signal ranges from 4 bars down to 0 bars (out of range). This graphic displays if an SD card is inserted into the monitor. SD CARD If blue, recording space is available. If red, the SD card is full. Tap this icon to view recorded files.

  • Page 15

    UDR744 Icon What it does NEW RECORD INDICATOR New recordings are saved on the SD card. RECORDING INDICATOR When this icon flashes red, it indicates that recording is in progress. • Green - System is connected to the internet and the monitor is connected NETWORK STATUS with internet mode. INDICATOR • Yellow - System is connected to internet and the monitor is connected with intranet mode. • Red - Connection has failed or system is not connected to a network. TIME STAMP Current date/time in month/day/year, hour/minute/second format. SD CARD OVERWRITE Displays if the SD card is allowed to overwrite files when it is full. (See page CHANNEL Displays the current channel number you are currently viewing. If viewing INDICATOR multiple cameras at once, the camera indicator will appear above each video display. Indicates the LCD monitor’s battery life: BATTERY INDICATOR • Flashing Red - Low battery • Green - Full battery...

  • Page 16

    UDR744 Icon What it does ZOOM INDICATOR When you tap this icon on the screen, the monitor breaks the screen image into 5 areas. Tap the area you want to see in Zoom. That area displays in 2X size. Tap the icon again to exit Zoom mode. VOLUME INDICATOR Indicates current audio volume. You must be in single channel viewing mode to change volume. Tap + or − to raise or lower the volume. displays when the volume is off (mute). TALK BACK INDICATOR Displays when is pressed. Press and hold on the side of the TALK TALK monitor to talk back through the camera. Release to wait for a reply. TALK NEW DOWLOAD Displays if new firmware is available. SEQUENCE INDICATOR Displays when the monitor is in auto switch mode; it will change channels automatically. CHANGE CHANNEL Tap this icon to manually change channels. See page 12. MOTION RECORDING Indicates motion detection status.

  • Page 17

    UDR744 Icon What it does POP-UP MENU TAB Tap to acces the pop up menu system.

  • Page 18: Udr744 Screen Descriptions

    UDR744 SCREEN DESCRIPTIONS OVERVIEW This section describes the UDR744 pop-up menu screens in detail. These pop-up menus enable you Play back recorded video files • Set alarms • Set the brightness level for each camera connected (single channel display only) •...

  • Page 19

    2. Days that are highlighted have recorded files. Tap the day you want to review and a list of recordings for that day displays. 3. Tap the record you want and it plays, with a control bar across the bottom of the screen. Next Home Stop...

  • Page 20: Alarm

    4. When the file finishes, the monitor displays the Recording File List screen again. 5. Tap the icon to delete the record if desired. ALARM When motion triggers the camera to begin recording, the monitor sounds an alarm tone. This screen lets you determine how loud that tone will be.

  • Page 21: General Settings

    2. Tap + or - to increase or decrease the monitor screen brightness. Tap when you are finished. GENERAL SETTINGS The General Settings screen contains 6 subsections, each of which may contain sub-screens These sub-screens let you set features about your system. You can turn cameras on and off, establish a specific schedule for specific cameras to record, set the date and time, and motion detection sensitivity, among other features.

  • Page 22

    Schedule Recording Set up a schedule for pre-determined recording times (see page 27) and lengths. File Overwrite Overwrites the oldest recorded data on the SD card (see page 22) once the card is full. System Settings Date & Time • Time Setting. Set the current time (including Daylight Savings Time). (see page 28) (see page 29) • Time Zone. Set the time zone for your UDR744 system. Time Zone • Set the time zone for your UDR744 system. (see page 30) • Enable/Disable Daylight Savings Time Language Changes language setting for the monitor (English, (see page 31) French or Spanish). Default Settings Restores the UDR744 to default settings.. (see page 22) Format SD Card Reformats the SD card and deletes all existing data.

  • Page 23: Camera Setup Screen

    Main Screen Sub-Screens What it Does Motion A single screen lets you set motion detection sensitivity for each camera. Detection It also lets you determine which viewing areas for each camera should be Settings masked from motion detection. (see page 23) Set up Dynamic or Static IP address Network Setup Advanced Setup (see page 23) (see page 35) Reset Password Reset app password to the default (000000). (see page 37) Information Displays and allows you to change information about (see page 37) your network and the monitor’s unique UID number. Lets you select how you want to upgrade your firmware (from SD card or Firmware Upgrade from server). (see page 23) CAMERA SETUP SCREEN The Camera Setup screen lets you: Pair cameras •...

  • Page 24

    Some things to know about pairing cameras: If a camera is already assigned to the selected channel, the pairing operation overwrites that • camera link with the new one. Only pair one camera at a time! The monitor links to the first camera it detects. If two or more •...

  • Page 25

    Tap the following icons as they This screen should display: appear on the screens:    1. Tap the switch bar under the camera you want to turn on or off. 2. The switch bar indicator turns green when the camera is on. It is greyed out when the camera is off.

  • Page 26: Recording Setup Screen

    2. Tap to return to the previous screen. RECORDING SETUP SCREEN Use the Recording Setup screen to: Set the length of time the system will automatically record when something triggers motion • sensitivity. Schedule a set time and duration to automatically record from a specific camera. •...

  • Page 27

    1. Tap the duration you wish to set. 2. Tap to return to the previous screen. Schedule Recording This feature lets you set up a block of time for a camera to record on a weekly schedule. You can set up multiple cameras to record at the same time and the recording times can overlap between cameras.

  • Page 28: System Settings Screen

    6. Tap again to set up another recording session to schedule. MODIFY Scheduled recordings are broken up into 10 minute file sizes. For example, if you record a 25 minute event, you will have two 10-minute recordings plus one 5-minute recording. File Overwrite This feature lets you set the system to automatically overwrite the oldest files once the SD card is full.

  • Page 29

    Format Memory Card • Information • Tap the following icons as they This screen should display: appear on the screens:   Date and Time 1. Tap to access the Date & Time screen. 2. Tap the up or down arrow to set the month, day, and date. 3.

  • Page 30

    5. Tap to return to the previous screen. Time Zone Time Zone allows you to set the time zone your monitor is in. This is especially useful if you are using the app in another time zone and you want to remotely access your recorded files. Your system will know that your request refers to the time zone the monitor is in.

  • Page 31

    Language to set the language used on your system. Options are English, Spanish (Español), and French (Français). 1. Tap the language you want your system to use. 2. Tap . The system returns to the previous screen and automatically changes over to the requested language;...

  • Page 32

    3. Tap to confirm the reset. Format SD Card Formatting the SD card erases all data stored on the card. (Default = 1. Tap to reformat your SD card. 2. Tap on the All stored files will be deleted! screen (Default = ).

  • Page 33: Motion Detection Settings Screen

    2. Tap to return to the previous screen. Uniden recomments that you check your monitor firmware version against the most recent version ( at least twice a year. If you need to upgrade your monitor firmware, see page 33. MOTION DETECTION SETTINGS SCREEN Motion detection settings control how strong the motion needs to be to trigger recording.

  • Page 34

    Sensitivity This selection allows you to set the camera’s motion detection sensitivity levels to High, Low, or Off. 1. Tap . The following screen displays. 2. Tap High, Low, or Off to set sensitivity. 3. Tap to return to the previous screen. Mask Area Use this selection to mask off any parts of the viewing area you do NOT want to be included for motion detection.

  • Page 35: Network Setup Screen

    2. Tap the squares that cover the areas of the image you do not want affected by motion detection. 3. When you are finished, tap to return to the Motion Detection Settings screen. NETWORK SETUP SCREEN This selection lets you determine your network connection type, reset the APP password, and review your network details.

  • Page 36

    3. Tap on your selection and fill in the fields requested. DCHP is the most common connection. Your router will automatically assign an IP address to your UDR744 system. Static IP is for those that have the ability to specify an IP address for their system.

  • Page 37

    Reset Password The Reset Password feature resets the Uniden U Guard app’s password to the default (000000). , then tap to return to the Reset Password screen. Information This screen displays current IP informatiion when the system is connected to the internet.

  • Page 38: Firmware Upgrade Screen

    FIRMWARE UPGRADE SCREEN Uniden recomments that you check your monitor firmware version against the most recent version ( at least twice a year. See page 52 to copy the new firmware to your monitor’s SD card. If you need to upgrade your monitor firmware, see page 38 to copy the new firmware to your monitor’s SD card and then follow the steps in this section.

  • Page 39

    2. A progress screen displays. 3. When the update is complete, the monitor displays Firmware Upgrade Successful and automatically reboots. Upgrade from Server 1. Use the Ethernet cable (provided) to connect your monitor to your router. 2. Tap to upgrade the firmware through the Server. 3.

  • Page 40: Remote Access

    1. Connect the UDR744 monitor to your router using the Ethernet cable included with your system. Turn on the monitor. 2. From your mobile device, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play. Search for the Uniden U Guard app. Download and install this app to your device.

  • Page 41

    4. Enter the UID code from your UDR744 monitor in the UID field. There are four ways to do this: ● If your smartphone or tablet is in the same network as the monitor, tap from the SCAN Add Device screen.

  • Page 42: U Guard App Screens And Elements

    U GUARD APP SCREENS AND ELEMENTS CAMERA LIST SCREEN When you open the app on your mobile device, the Camera List screen displays. It provides a list of cameras on your system and an option to add a new camera. Tap to view available operations from that screen: Icon...

  • Page 43

    Icon Feature Description name Edit Device Change the camera name or its password. You can also access the following advanced settings: • Video setting (High, Medium, or Low) • Alert Interval. Set the amount of time between alert notifications to 1, 3, 5, 10, 30 minutes or Off. • Device Information. Displays the mobile device’s network information. View Event View a list of recordings. Tap on a recording to view it. Tap the magnifying glass to search for recordings within an hour, day, week, etc. View View snapshots from the mobile device. These snapshots display in Snapshot thumbnail format. Remove Delete your camera from the app. Device...

  • Page 44: Live View Screen

    LIVE VIEW SCREEN Tap the camera listing and the Live View screen displays, showing live video from the camera. Icon Feature Description name View View snapshots from the mobile device. These Snapshot snapshots display in thumbnail format. Take Tap this icon to take a snapshot of the image on Snapshot video. Camera Turns camera audio on and off. Volume Talk Back Tap this to talk back through the camera. Change Tap to select a different channel to view. Channels...

  • Page 45: Udr744 Operation Basics

    UDR744 OPERATION BASICS This section gives you instructions on how to perform the most commonly used actions for the UDR744. There is also a table of other actions you might find useful. RECORDING LIVE VIDEO (MONITOR ONLY) 1. On the Live View screen, tap the red for the camera to begin recording.

  • Page 46: Adding New Cameras

    Recording File List. ADDING NEW CAMERAS Your monitor supports a total of four active cameras at a time; your UDR744 comes with two cameras already paired to your monitor. When you add a camera, you have to pair it to the monitor (that is, you have to “introduce”...

  • Page 47: Pair Cameras

    Only pair one camera at a time! The monitor links to the first camera it detects. If two or more • cameras are in pairing mode, you can’t control which camera the monitor will detect first. PAIR CAMERAS 1. From the Pairing Camera screen (see “Pairing” on page 23), tap the camera image you want to pair.

  • Page 48: Udr744 Basic Operation

    UDR744 BASIC OPERATION To do this... From monitor, do this... From app, do this... Manually start/stop 1. Tap the blue icon on the recording video monitor screen.The icon turns red and flashes, indicating that recording has started. 2. Tap the icon again to stop recording. The icon turns blue. Set up automatic 1. From General Settings/ recording schedule Recording Setup, tap icon. The Schedule Recording Overview screen displays. 2. Tap to view the MODIFY Recording Setup screen.

  • Page 49

    To do this... From monitor, do this... From app, do this... Watch recorded video 1. From the Main screen, tap From the Camera List screen: the pop out menu tab and 1. Tap then tap . The Recording File List displays the recorded 2. Tap (View Event). files. 3. Find the recorded event you 2. Tap the day you want to view, want to view. Tap it. The and then tap the file. video displays. 3. The video begins playing (see page 18). Delete recorded videos 1. From the Recorded File List, tap icon. 2. Tap to confirm deletion. Take snapshots Tap from the Live View...

  • Page 50

    To do this... From monitor, do this... From app, do this... Change password 1. From the Camera List, tap (mobile device only) 2. Tap (Edit Device). 3. Tap Advanced Setting; scroll to Modify Password. Tap it. 4. The Modify Password screen displays. Fill in the requested fields and tap Reset password 1. From General Settings/ Network Setup, tap (Resets the app password) 2. Tap to confirm the change. 3. The app returns to the default password (000000). Hear audio from From the Live View screen, tap From the Live View screen, tap camera...

  • Page 51

    To do this... From monitor, do this... From app, do this... • make sure the camera is plugged in. • make sure that the camera’s antenna is attached and the camera’s signal the monitor’s antenna is status icon shows no extended. bars • make sure the camera is paired to the correct channel. • re-pair the camera and monitor. • make sure the camera is plugged in. the camera won’t pair • press and release the pairing with the monitor button quickly. Do not press and hold the pairing button.

  • Page 52: Maintaining Your System

    Go to to check the current firmware level. Compare it to your system firmware level. If you need to update your UDR744 firmware, download the most current firmware version to your system’s SD card and then upload that firmware to the monitor.

  • Page 53: Copying Files From The Sd Card To Your Computer

    COPYING FILES FROM THE SD CARD TO YOUR COMPUTER 1. Remove the SD card from the monitor. 2. Insert it into your computer’s SD card slot. 3. Navigate to the SD card and locate your files. 4. Copy them to the computer. These files can now be deleted from the SD card or the SD card can be formatted.

  • Page 54: Solving Problems

    SOLVING PROBLEMS If you have any trouble with your system, try these simple steps. If you are still having a problem with your camera, check the manual that came with your camera. If you still have a question, call our Customer Care Line; see page 2. If…...

  • Page 55

    If… Try.. • making sure the camera is plugged in. • pressing and releasing the pairing button quickly. Do not press and The camera won’t pair with hold the pairing button. the monitor. • Check if other cameras in the area are also in Pairing mode. Disconnect power to other cameras. When I power up my • verifying that the cameras are turned on (see page 54). monitor and cameras for the first time, they seem • verifying that the monitor is displaying a channel with a camera to be on but there is no assigned to it. picture on the screen. The monitor picture has Using a blunt object like an unbent paper clip to press on the RESET frozen. back of the monitor to reset the monitor. The monitor turns off. Press to turn it back on. POWER I cannot remotely access • Verify that the monitor is connected to the internet. my recorded files. • Verify that the time zone is set correctly for the monitor. If you are away from your system, you will need someone to verify these items for you.

  • Page 56: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Radio Frequency Transceiver RF Frequency 2.4 GHz Modulation GFSK Spread spectrum Frequency Hopping Anti Interference Clean Channel Dynamic Select Selectable camera channel Data rate 4 Mbps Transmitting range 500 feet (152 meters) in an open area (line of sight) Image Specification 640 x 480 (VGA) Output Image resolution 320 x 240 (QVGA) Image processing MPEG-4 Exposure Auto White balance Auto System Specifications Camera Monitor Weight 13 oz (370 g) 1lb 4.2 oz (572 g) 5.94 x 2.9 x 1.9 in. 10.25 x 6.02 x 0.75 in. Dimension 151 x 74 x 49 mm 260.5 x 153 x 19 mm Operating temperature +14° F (-10° C) to 122° F (+50° C) Battery charging temp.

  • Page 57

    System Specifications Camera Monitor Operating voltage 5 V DC @ 1 Amp 5 V DC @ 1.5 Amp Power consumption 650 mA max 16 IR LEDs, 1 Low Low light solution light sensor Low light sensitivity 1-8 lux OV7725 1/4” Color Picture sensor CMOS Lens F3.6mm H:55 V:44...

  • Page 58: Compliance Information

    COMPLIANCE INFORMATION FCC Part 15 Compliance Statement This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subjected to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

  • Page 59: Ce Compliance Information

    Uniden service center for a defect or malfunction covered by this warranty, (E) used in any conjunction with equipment or parts or as part of any system not manufactured by Uniden, or (F) installed or programmed by anyone other than as detailed by the owner’s manual for this product.

  • Page 60

    Product. Include evidence of original purchase & a note describing the defect that has caused you to return it. The Product should be shipped freight prepaid, by traceable means, to warrantor at: Uniden America Service C/O Saddle Creek 743 Henrietta Creek Rd.

  • Page 62

    © 2014 Uniden America Corporation All rights reserved...

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