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Mitsubishi Electric CM33-TL User Manual page 26

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Swap Floppy Drive
When this field is enabled and the system is booting from the floppy drive, the
system will boot from drive B instead of drive A. When this option is disabled
and the system is booting from the floppy drive, the system will boot from drive
A. You must have two floppy drives to use this function.
Boot Up Floppy Seek
When enabled, the BIOS will check whether the floppy disk drive installed is
40 or 80 tracks. Note that the BIOS cannot distinguish between 720K, 1.2M,
1.44M and 2.88M drive types as they are all 80 tracks. When disabled, the
BIOS will not search for the type of floppy disk drive by track number. Note that
there will not be any warning message if the drive installed is 360KB.
Boot Up NumLock Status
This allows you to determine the default state of the numeric keypad. By de-
fault, the system boots up with NumLock on wherein the function of the nu-
meric keypad is the number keys. When set to Off, the function of the numeric
keypad is the arrow keys.
Typematic Rate Setting
Typematic Rate (Chars/Sec)
This field allows you to select the rate at which the keys are accelerated.
Typematic Delay (Msec)
This field allows you to select the delay between when the key was first de-
pressed and when the acceleration begins.
Security Option
This field determines when the system will prompt for the password - every
time the system boots or only when you enter the BIOS setup. Set the pass-
word in the Set Supervisor/User Password submenu.
Continually holding down a key on your keyboard will cause
the BIOS to report that the key is down.
The BIOS will not only report that the key is down, but will
first wait for a moment, and, if the key is still down, it will
begin to report that the key has been depressed repeatedly.
For example, you would use such a feature to accelerate
cursor movements with the arrow keys. You can then select
the typematic rate and typematic delay in the "Typematic Rate
(Chars/Sec)" and "Typematic Delay (Msec)" fields below.
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