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Introduction; Safety Precautions; Technical Support - Mitsubishi Electric CM33-TL User Manual

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Mitsubishi Electric Automation MEAU now offers the MC Series Industrial Com-
puter products to comply with the demands of most every factory application.
The MEAU brand of computer's offer the extreme reliability, and feature sets
that OEM's, and end users have come to expect with Mitsubishi Electric Auto-
mation products.
The MEAU MC Series Industrial Computer line is designed for harsh plant
environments, with rugged materials to withstand the daily riggers of opera-
tion. Designed with component longevity in mind, and to accommodate the
fast rate of change in computer technology, our computer products employ
competent component performance ranges for industrial applications. This
ensures the long term acquisition of components, and repeatability of product,
along with true forward/backward compatibility.
In keeping with these performance demands, the CM33-TL Embedded Sys-
tem Board has been installed in your MC400 Series Industrial Node Computer.
The CM33-TL is a Micro ATX Style CPU Card for a Single Intel
Processor in a 370-pin socket.
This manual provides you with the information you need to configure the CM33-
TL and get your MC400 Series Computer up and running in accordance with
your application requirements.

Safety Precautions

Follow the precautions below to avoid damaging your system:

Technical Support

If you are having difficulty with a particular aspect of installation or setup, tech-
nical support is available at 1-800-950-7781 (Auto Attendant, Option 4) or
visit our website at
Keep your system away from static electricity at all times.
Prevent electric shock. Don't touch any components of this card when
the card is powered on. Always disconnect power when the system is
not in use.
Disconnect power when you change any hardware device. For
instance, when you connect a jumper or install any cards, a surge of
power may damage the electronic components or the whole system.
MC Series Computer Products


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