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Advanced Bios Features - Mitsubishi Electric CM33-TL User Manual

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Base Memory
Displays the amount of base (or conventional) memory installed in the system.
The value of the base memory is typically 512K for system with 512K memory
installed on the motherboard or 640K for system with 640K or more memory
installed on the motherboard.
Extended Memory
Displays the amount of extended memory detected during boot-up
Total Memory
Displays the total memory available in the system.

Advanced BIOS Features

The Advanced BIOS Features allows you to configure your system for basic
operation. Some entries are defaults required by the system board, while oth-
ers, if enabled, will improve the performance of your system or let you set
some features according to your preference.
The screen above lists all the fields available in the Advanced BIOS Features
submenu for you to reference. In the actual CMOS setup, you must scroll to
view all of the fields. The settings on the screen are for reference only — your
version may not be identical to this one.
Onboard LAN Control
By default, the onboard LAN is enabled. If you are not using this function, set
this field to Disabled.
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