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HP 35s Instruction Manual page 8

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HP 35s Using Algebraic Mode
The calculation in brackets is carried out first, giving the result 2. The rest of the calculation proceeds from
right to left, as the factorial function has highest precedence, followed by the power function, followed by
multiplication, with addition coming last. The answer 564,859,072,963 can be confirmed if 1 is subtracted
first, then the result is divided by 2. That result is equal to 3
Example – reusing a previous calculation
A useful feature in algebraic mode is the ability to reuse a previous calculation while changing some of the values in it.
The next example illustrates how this would be helpful.
Example 7: You wish to perform a calculation involving the gravitational constant, g. You want to add 1 to g divided by
Suppose you key in the following.
The HP 35s display would show:
Something tells you there is something wrong. Then you notice that you accidentally used the speed of
light, c, rather than the gravitational constant, g. Rather than starting over, you can edit the previous
expression and correct your mistake as follows. Press:
The first press of the left cursor key begins the edit of the previously entered expression. Pressing the left
cursor key two additional times places the cursor just to the right of "c" in the expression. At this point, we
wish to delete c and replace it with g. Press:
This example shows how to edit an expression in algebraic mode. While somewhat trivial, it would certainly
be easier to edit a much larger expression to correct a mistake than retyping the entire expression all over
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, which is 3 to the power 4 factorial.
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HP 35s Using Algebraic Mode - Version 1.0