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HP 35s Instruction Manual page 2

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HP 35s Using Algebraic Mode
Calculation modes
The HP 35s allows calculations to be made in "RPN" mode, in "algebraic" mode, or in "Equation" mode.
RPN mode is the traditional way most HP calculators work. To add 1 and 2, keys are pressed in the order
1Ï2Ù. This mode is very suitable for calculations where the user is working towards a solution, without
having a particular formula to work on.
Algebraic mode is the way many newer HP calculators work. It is also the way most other calculators work. To add 1 and
2, keys are pressed in the order 1Ù2Ï as shown in Figure 1. This way of working is most suitable when the
user just needs to type a formula and get an answer.
In Equation mode, the user types a formula or an expression the way it looks in a textbook and saves it in a list of
equations. Then the equation can be use once or repeatedly, for different values of variables. Equations can also be
used with the integration command and the solver command.
For complicated tasks that need to be repeated, writing a program is the best solution. Programs can be written in RPN
mode or in algebraic mode, and can include equations.
Equation mode, RPN mode, and programs are described in other training aids.
Note: When doing the examples press 94 to set algebraic mode. The selected mode is shown at the top of the
calculator screen, as in Figure 1.
Functions of a single number in algebraic
As an example, in algebraic mode, to square a number, the º= key is pressed, the number is typed, and Ï is
pressed. This is the way all functions except factorial (º* ) work. Factorial is pressed after the number.
A simple example in algebraic
Example 1: A gardener wants to plant a triangular piece of ground and to put protective edges around the plot. The plot
will have a right angle and the two shorter edges will be 1.2m long and 0.5m long. How long will the third
edge be?
The length can be calculated using Pythagoras' formula. From a² + b² = c² the third side is:
To try this, first set algebraic mode, pressing 94. Now to square 1.2 and 0.5, type:
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c = √(a² + b²)
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Figure 1
HP 35s Using Algebraic Mode - Version 1.0