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HP 35s Instruction Manual page 4

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HP 35s Using Algebraic Mode
Ï must be pressed to finish the addition. The result is shown in Figure 6.
To find the square root of this result, is press ?ºÍÏ.
Alternatively, if you know at the beginning the values to be used and what you wish to do with them, you could key in this
calculation in one step by pressing:
The length of the third edge of the garden plot is 1.3m. One purpose of this example is to illustrate the way
algebraic mode can be used "interactively" rather than merely keying in a problem that is already written
out. However you need to solve your problem, the HP 35s can handle it.
Another example - the area of a piece of carpet
Here is another example to show how arithmetical calculations involving addition and multiplication are carried out using
parentheses in algebraic mode.
Example 2: A new carpet is needed for two rooms, one 6 yards long, one 8 yards long, both 5 yards wide. What is the
total area of carpet to be bought?
The area is calculated using the expression (6 + 8) × 5.
In algebraic mode the total length can be calculated first, 6 yards + 8 yards. Then the length is multiplied by
the width, 5 yards.
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HP 35s Using Algebraic Mode - Version 1.0