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HP 35s Instruction Manual page 6

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HP 35s Using Algebraic Mode
In algebraic mode, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are not carried out immediately. If a wrong key was
pressed, Ù and à should be followed by a 0 and ¸ or ¯ should be followed by a 1.
Functions of two numbers
Unlike functions of a single number, the arithmetical operations Ù, Ã, ¸ and ¯ use two numbers, but there are
also some mathematical functions that use two numbers.
An often-used two-number function is the exponentiation or "power" function, and this works in the same way as Ù,
Ã, ¸ and ¯ in algebraic mode.
Example 3: What is 2 to the power 10?
The calculation is 2
In algebraic mode, type 2, press ), type 10, and press Ï to complete the calculation.
Two to the power 10 is 1,024, often called 1k in computing.
) works exactly like the arithmetical operators and is often considered to be one of them. Other two-number functions
work as shown in the next example.
Example 4: What is the permutation of 69 items taken 2 at a time?
This involves the permutation function, or the º{ key.
In algebraic mode, type º{
The permutation function is presented in the display with the required open and close parentheses as well
as a comma inside them to separate the two required arguments. The cursor is blinking to indicate the
insertion point – where the next key pressed will be entered. This insertion point is exactly where it should
be to enter the first argument.
Now type 69. This is the first argument. To move past the comma, press Õ. Now press 2Ï.
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using the ) key.
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Figure 12
Figure 13
HP 35s Using Algebraic Mode - Version 1.0