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HP 35s Instruction Manual page 5

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HP 35s Using Algebraic Mode
So these keys would be typed:
and the formula and answer would be shown
The total area of carpet is 70 square yards.
To continue a calculation after pressing the Ï it is enough to press another calculation key. For example if the
carpet costs $17.32 per square yard, it is easy to continue the calculation and get the total price of the carpet. First press
¸. Then finish the calculation by pressing 17Ë32Ï, as below.
The total price is $1,212.40.
To begin a new calculation, the first number in that calculation is typed. The ºÍ key brings the answer from the
last calculation into the new calculation.
For example another way to calculate the price of the carpet would be to type 17Ë32¸ºÍÏ.
Why "Algebraic"? You can see that the formula to calculate was typed and is displayed in the way it looks when it is
written down on paper in algebraic notation. That is why this calculation mode is called Algebraic Mode. Algebraic
notation was developed over centuries as a shorthand way of writing things such as "add the number eight to the
number six and multiply the result by the number five".
Making corrections
In algebraic mode, digits in a number that is being typed can be deleted with the ~ key. If a number has been
completed or calculated, this key deletes it completely.
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This enters the open and close the parentheses to put around (6+8)
This gives the 6+8
This places the cursor outside the parentheses to continue
This multiplies by 5
This tells the calculator that the formula is finished so it can now get
the answer
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Figure 9
Figure 10
Figure 11
HP 35s Using Algebraic Mode - Version 1.0