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Troubleshooting - Haier HSU09VHGDB-W User Manual

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The system
does not restart
Noise is heard
Odd smell
Mist or steam
are blowing out.
In dry mode,
fan speed can't
be changed.
Poor cooling
to check for
Before asking for service, check the following first:
Cause and Solutions
• When unit is stopped, it will not restart again for 3 minutes to protect the system.
• When electricity is disconnected and then reconnected, the protection circuit will work for 3 minutes to
protect the air conditioner.
• During unit operation or a stop, a swishing or gurgling noise may be heard. The first 2-3 minutes after the
unit has started is when the noise is most noticeable. (This noise is generated by refrigerant flowing in the
• During unit operation, a cracking noise may be heard. This noise is generated by the casing expanding or
shrinking due to temperature changes.
• If the airflow creating a loud noise during unit operation, the air filter may be too dirty.
• The system circulates smells from the indoor air such as the smell of furniture, paint, and/or cigarettes.
• During COOL or DRY operation, indoor unit may blow out mist. This is due to the sudden cooling of the
indoor air.
• In DRY mode, when the room temperature becomes lower than the set temperature by 2°F, the unit will
run intermittently at LOW speed regardless of FAN setting.
• Is the power plug inserted?
• Is there a power failure?
• Is a fuse blown?
• Is the air filter dirty? Normally it should be cleaned every 2 months.
• Is there anything blocking the inlet and/or outlet?
• Is the temperature set correctly?
• Are there any doors or windows open?
• Is there any direct sunlight through the window during the cooling operation? (Use curtains)
• Are there too many heat sources or too many people in the room during cooling operation?




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