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Haier HSU09VHGDB-W User Manual

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User Manual
Design may vary by model number.
• This system should be installed by a qualified
HVAC professional. Do not attempt to install
the air conditioner by yourself because
incorrect installation may cause fire, water
leakage, personal injury or death.
• When abnormalities such as a burnt-smell are
found, immediately power off the main switch
and contact a licensed contractor.
• Do not obstruct or cover the ventilation grille
on the air conditioner. Do not put fingers or
any other things into the inlet/outlet or swing
• Do not allow children to play with the air
conditioner. Children should never be allowed
to sit on the outdoor unit
Ductless Split Air Conditioner
• Please read this manual before using the air conditioner.
• Keep this user manual for future reference.


Cautions and Warnings ................................. 1
Controller Features & Settings ...................... 2
Troubleshooting ............................................ 6
Limited Warranty .......................................... 7



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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Ductless Split Air Conditioner User Manual Indoor Outdoor HSU09VHG(DB)-W HSU09VHG(DB)-G HSU12VHG(DB)-W HSU12VHG(DB)-G HSU18VHG(DB)-W HSU18VHG(DB)-G HSU24VHG(DB)-W HSU24VHG(DB)-G Design may vary by model number. • Please read this manual before using the air conditioner. WARNING • Keep this user manual for future reference. •...
  • Page 2: Controller Features & Settings

    Remote Controller COOL Button In COOL mode, the unit operates in cooling. When FAN is set to AUTO, the air conditioner automatically adjusts the fan speed according to room temperature. The will be displayed during COOL mode. HEAT Button In HEAT mode, warm air will blow out after a short period of the time due to cold-air prevention function. When FAN is set to AUTO, the air conditioner automatically adjusts the fan speed according to room temperature. The will be displayed during HEAT mode.
  • Page 3 HEAT: 4. Confirm timer setting After adjusting the time, press the CONFIRM/CANCEL button and confirm the time ON or OFF icon stops flashing and remains displayed. 2. Left and right air flow adjustment (manual) Manually move the vertical blade sets on the air conditioner 5. Cancel timer setting to adjust left and right direction referring to the figure below. Press the TIMER button repeatedly until the time display clears. Note: Holding the button down will rapidly cycle the time. After replacing batteries or a power failure occurs, the Cautions: time setting will need to be reset.
  • Page 4 Temp.setting Unit stop Note: 1 hr Decreases 4 1. After setting the intelligent airflow function, the louver 1 hr Decreases 4 position is fixed. 3 hrs 3 hrs Rises 3 2. In cooling, it is better to select the mode. SLEEP SLEEP operation stops operation starts In HEAT mode 3. In heating, it is better to select the mode. 3. In AUTO mode 4.
  • Page 5: Emergency Operation & Maintenance

    Optimizing Performance RESET Button If the remote control is not functioning properly, use a pen Close doors and windows point or similar object to depress this button to reset the Do not block the air inlet remote. during operation or outlet Emergency Operation During cooling operation Emergency Operation: prevent direct sunlight with curtains or blinds • Use this operation only when the remote control is defec- tive or lost. Wipe the air conditioner using a soft and • When the emergency operation switch is pressed, the unit dry cloth. For serious stains, use a neutral beeps once, which indicates the start of this operation.
  • Page 6: Troubleshooting

    Before asking for service, check the following first: Problem Cause and Solutions The system does not restart • When unit is stopped, it will not restart again for 3 minutes to protect the system. immediately • When electricity is disconnected and then reconnected, the protection circuit will work for 3 minutes to protect the air conditioner. • During unit operation or a stop, a swishing or gurgling noise may be heard. The first 2-3 minutes after the unit has started is when the noise is most noticeable. (This noise is generated by refrigerant flowing in the Noise is heard system.) • During unit operation, a cracking noise may be heard. This noise is generated by the casing expanding or shrinking due to temperature changes. • If the airflow creating a loud noise during unit operation, the air filter may be too dirty. • The system circulates smells from the indoor air such as the smell of furniture, paint, and/or cigarettes. Odd smell Normal Performance Mist or steam Inspection are blowing out. • During COOL or DRY operation, indoor unit may blow out mist. This is due to the sudden cooling of the indoor air.
  • Page 7: Limited Warranty

    WHO IS COVERED other rights which vary from state to state. The original purchaser of this product. This warranty covers units within the continental United Haier America will replace any mechanical or electrical parts States, Canada and Puerto Rico. or that which proves defective in normal operation for a period of 5 years. Compressor for 7 years. Haier America, Wayne, NJ 07470 HOW CAN YOU GET SERVICE Contact your Installer. All service must be performed by a licensed HVAC techninican.
  • Page 8 Model #: HSU09VHG(DB)-W, HSU09VHG(DB)-G, HSU12VHG(DB)-W, HSU12VHG(DB)-G, HSU18VHG(DB)-W, HSU18VHG(DB)-G, Haier America, HSU24VHG(DB)-W, HSU24VHG(DB)-G Wayne, NJ 07470 Issued Date: December 2014 ©2015 Haier America Trading, LLC.