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Using Password Mode (password) - Sony DWR-R01D Operating Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
This setting applies to both of the ANTENNA IN
When connecting DWR-R01D units in cascade, set ANT
DC OUT to "OFF" on any DWR-R01D unit that is not
directly connected to the antenna.
Items Related to Audio (AUDIO
Sync signal setting
Selects the sync signal source for the receiver.
The receiver supports an external sync signal (word clock)
of 32 kHz to 96 kHz.
The synchronization status is indicated by "INT" or
"EXT" in the digital output sync indication on the top
display. When "EXT" is indicated and synchronization is
unlocked, the indication flashes.
INTERNAL: The internal sync signal (48 kHz) is used.
EXTERNAL: Synchronization with an external word
clock signal.
AUTO: The external sync signal is used on a priority
basis. When there is no external sync signal input, the
internal sync signal is used automatically.
Display and adjustment of audio signal
delay times between channels
During communications between the digital wireless
transmitter and digital wireless receiver, an audio signal
delay will occur as a result of audio signal processing on
both devices.
Display of audio signal delay times
The DWR-R01D unit can display the total audio signal
delay time of the transmitter and the receiver for each
channel using the metadata sent from the transmitter.
Refer to this display when adjusting the delay time using a
device such as mixer or delay processor.
Display example
1CH D : 3.4ms , A : 3.4ms
2CH D : 3.4ms , A : 3.4ms
Compensating delay times for receiver channels
1 and 2
The delay times for receiver channels 1 and 2 may be
different when the DWR-R01D is used with two digital
wireless transmitters of differing models. By setting this
compensation function to ON in such cases, you can
automatically adjust the receiver channel with the shorter
audio signal delay time to match the channel with the
longer delay.
When adjusting the delay time manually using a device
such as mixer or delay processor, set this function to OFF.
Items Related to Network
(NETWORK submenu)
Naming the receiver
Enter a receiver name of up to 16 characters in the same
manner described in "Using Password Mode
(PASSWORD)" on page 27.
When the receiver is already named, selecting this item
displays the receiver name.
IP address setting
Enter the IP address of the receiver.
Subnet mask setting
Enter the subnet mask for the receiver.
IP addresses and subnet masks
• If you are not using a standard network line connection,
configure the following private address. Configure
values that are unique within the network for the "*"
IP Address: 192.168.0.*
Subnet Mask: (fixed length)
• If you are using a standard line connection, consult your
network administrator.
• If IP address settings are changed, pairings with NT
remote systems will be disabled. Be sure to perform the
pairings again.
Items Related to Alerts (ALERT
FUNCTION submenu)
Low signal input level
Specifies whether to display a warning via the ALERT
indicator when the signal input level detected is low.
Excess signal input level
Specifies whether to display a warning via the ALERT
indicator when the signal input level detected is excessive.


Table of Contents

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