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Important Notes On Operation; Notes On Using The Receiver; On Cleaning - Sony DWR-R01D Operating Instructions Manual

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Important Notes on

Notes on Using the Receiver

• The digital wireless microphone system product must be
used within a temperature range of 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F
to 122 °F).
• Operating the receiver near electrical equipment
(motors, transformers, or dimmers) may cause it to be
affected by electromagnetic induction. Keep the receiver
as far from such equipment as possible.
• The presence of the lighting equipment may produce
electrical interference over the entire frequency range.
Position the receiver so that interference is minimized.
• To avoid degradation of the signal-to-noise ratio, do not
use the receiver in noisy places or in locations subject to
vibration, such as the following:
- near electrical equipment, such as motors,
transformers or dimmers
- near air conditioning equipment or places subject to
direct air flow from an air conditioner
- near public address loudspeakers
- where adjacent equipment might knock against the
Keep the receiver as far from such equipment as possible
or use buffering material.

On cleaning

• If the receiver is used in a very humid or dusty place or
in a place subject to an active gas, clean its surface as
well as the connectors with a dry, soft cloth soon after
use. Lengthy use of the receiver in such places or not
cleaning it after its use in such places may shorten its
• Clean the surface and the connectors of the receiver with
a dry, soft cloth. Never use thinner, benzene, alcohol or
any other chemicals, since these may mar the finish.
Transmitter software version
If the software version is not suitable for use with this
receiver, the wireless remote control and encrypted
transmission functions may not function. Refer to the
following tables for transmitter software versions that are
compatible with this receiver. A software update may be
necessary to enable proper functioning. For details on
software updates, contact your Sony service
For details on confirming the software version, refer to the
operating instructions for each transmitter.
Transmitter Model No.: U3040, U4250
Model name
DWT-B01/DWT-P01 (Serial No.
10999 or below)
DWT-B01 (Serial No. 11001 or
DWT-P01 (Serial No. 11001 or
Transmitter Model No.: Other
Model name
Audio degradation due to weak reception
In a digital wireless system, sound quality is maintained up
to the maximum transmission range. Beyond this point, as
the radio wave becomes weaker, data synchronization is
lost and the connection finally breaks. Sony digital
wireless systems suppress the occurrence of large noise
between these two points as the signal weakens. As a
result, digital processing is conducted in a way that allows
the signal to degrade in a very natural way.
To prevent electromagnetic interference from
portable communication devices
The use of portable telephones and other communication
devices near the DWR-R01D may result in malfunction
and interference with audio signals. It is recommended
that portable communication devices near the DWR-
R01D be turned off.
Software version
Ver 1.12 or later
Ver 1.22 or later
Ver 2.13 or later
Ver 2.12 or later
Software version
Ver 1.12 or later
Ver 2.13 or later
Ver 2.12 or later

Important Notes on Operation



Table of Contents

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