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Sony DWR-R01D Operating Instructions Manual Page 14

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Table of Contents
H: transmitting at 50 mW
M: transmitting at 10 mW
L: transmitting at 1 mW
For details on changing the transmitter settings, see
"Changing the Settings on the Transmitter" on page 36.
h Battery indication
Based on metadata from the transmitter, this shows the
transmitter's battery condition according to eight level
Replace both batteries when the battery indication starts to
For details on how to change the batteries on the
transmitter, refer to the Operating Instructions supplied
with the transmitter.
i Reception channel information
Shows the information on receiving signal and the
transmitter name.
First row: Group and channel
Middle row: Frequency of the channel
Last row: Transmitter name and sleep state
j RF (radio reception) indicator
Lights up to indicate the level of the signal input from the
ANTENNA a/b IN connector as follows.
On in orange: 80 dBµ or more
On in green: 25 dBµ to 80 dBµ
On in red: 15 dBµ to 25 dBµ
Off: Less than 15 dBµ
k RF (radio reception) level meters
Indicates the level of the signal input from the ANTENNA
a/b IN connector. The number of segments that light up
depends on the input level.
l Antenna selection indication
Indicates the antenna currently selected by the diversity
Parts Identification
2 Controls
The control areas for channel 1 and channel 2 are identical.
1 ALERT indicator
2 Jog dial
5 TRANSMITTER menu button
6 ESC button
a ALERT (alert) indicator
Lights up red when error is detected.
For the specific causes of alerts and remedies, see "When
the Alert Indicator Lights" on page 38.
b Jog dial
Rotate to select an item or a parameter value in the menu.
Press to enter the selected item or parameter value.
c RECEIVER (RECEIVER menu) button
Press to enter the RECEIVER menu. While in the
RECEIVER menu, this button lights up brightly.
d RF REMOTE (RF REMOTE menu) button
Press to enter the RF REMOTE menu. While in the RF
REMOTE menu, this button lights up brightly.
Press to enter the TRANSMITTER menu. While in the
TRANSMITTER menu, this button lights up brightly.
f ESC (escape) button
Press to go back to the previous menu display.
4 RF REMOTE menu


Table of Contents

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