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Maintenance - KitchenAid KCGT 6010/I Instruction Manual

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Always disconnect the power supply before carrying out any kind of maintenance work.
The hood should be cleaned regularly both inside and out (at least as often as you carry out maintenance
on the grease filters).
Use a damp cloth with mild cleaning products. Avoid using harsh products. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL!
Warning: Failure to follow the cleaning instructions on the hood and the replacement and
cleaning of the filters, could lead to a fire starting. Please, therefore, follow the instructions
given carefully.
Grease filter
It should be cleaned by hand once a month with
mild cleaning products, or in the dishwasher at a
low temperature and on the short cycle.
When washing in the dishwasher, the metallic
grease filter might discolour but its filtering abilities
remain unchanged.
In order to dismantle the grease filter, pull the
spring handle to unhook it. Fig. 7
Carbon filter (only in recirculation mode) Fig. 8
The Activated Carbon Filter absorbs the unpleasant
smells produced when cooking.
The saturation of the carbon filter varies depending
on the installation, usage and how often the grease
filters are cleaned.
In any case, the cartridge must be replaced at least
once every four months.
Fitting/dismantling the carbon filter:
- Remove the grease filter, unhook the filter
support frame taking care to disconnect the
control panel and lights (see Fig. 5).
- Attach a carbon filter on each side to cover
both the protection grills on the motor impeller,
then turn the central handle C on the filters
clockwise. Turn the central handle C on each
filter anticlockwise to dismantle.
- Refit the filter support frame, re-connecting the
control panel and lights and refitting the grease
Replacing the bulbs Fig. 9
Disconnect the appliance from the mains supply.
Warning! Before touching the light bulbs
make sure they have cooled down.
1. Remove the protective cover using a small flat
screwdriver or a similar tool.
2. Replace the blown bulb.
Only use 20W max (G4) halogen bulbs, and do
not touch them with your bare hands.
3. Fit the light cover on again (clicks into place).
If the light does not work, check that the bulb has
been inserted properly before calling the Customer
Care Centre.
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