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Instructions For Installation And Use; Extraction Modes - KitchenAid KCGT 6010/I Instruction Manual

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Instructions for installation and use

Follow the instructions in this manual carefully. All responsibility is denied for problems,
damage or fire to the appliance resulting in failure to comply with the instructions in this manual.

Extraction Modes

The hood is designed to be used in two
modes: Venting exhaust fumes to the
outside, or by passing the air through a
charcoal filter brfore recirculating the air
back into the kitchen.
Venting mode
The hood comes with an upper air outlet
B for the discharge of fumes to the
outside (venting pipe and fixing straps not
supplied). Fig. 1
Recirculation Mode
This mode is to be used when it is not
possible to vent the air to the outside.
Air is purified by passing through activated
charcoal filters (not provided) and
recirculated back out into the kitchen.
The air is sent back into the atmosphere
via a pipe that passes through the
cupboard cabinetry and is connected to
the connector ring. Fig. 2
The minimum distance between the
upper pan support surfaces on the
cooking appliance and the lowest part of
the cooker hood should be no less than
50 cm in the case of electrical cookers
and 70 cm in the case of gas or mixed
cookers. If the installation instructions for
the gas cooking appliance specify a
greater distance, then follow this


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