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  • Page 1 High Efficiency Power Amplifier X-DA4125 User Manual M_XXXXXX_EN_1.0...
  • Page 3 The contents of this document are subject to revision without notice due to continued progress in methodology, design, and manufacturing. Honeywell shall have no liability for any error or damage of any kind resulting from the use of this document.
  • Page 5: Safety Guidelines

    Electrical Safety The product installation and use must comply with local electrical safety regulations. • Honeywell assumes no liability for user errors or misuse that result in a fire or an electrical • shock. Transportation Safety During transportation, do not violently shake the appliance or expose it to corrosive liquids.
  • Page 6: Environmental Regulations

    When the power is turned on, do not physically alter the appliance to avoid damaging the • equipment. Honeywell assumes no liability for appliance malfunctions. Please consult qualified technicians • for repairs. Manual Labels and Information Please note the product labels, product categories, power requirements, and other information.
  • Page 7: Declaration Of Conformity

    Declaration of conformity The following standards have been applied to ensure the product conforms with the protection requirements of the council directive 2004/108/EC. Electromagnetic emissions: EN55013:2001+A1:2003+A2:2006 EN61000-3-2:2006+A1:2009+A2:2009 EN61000-3-3:2008 Electromagnetic immunity: EN55020:2007 Electrostatic Discharge Immunity EN55020:2007 Electrical Fast Transient / Burst Immunity EN55020:2007 Immunity from Radiated Fields EN55020:2007 Immunity from Conducted Voltages...
  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Safety Guidelines ............................ i Safety Precautions ..........................i Electrical Safety ..........................i Transportation Safety ........................i Environmental Regulations ......................ii Safe Use Precautions ........................ii Manual Labels and Information ....................ii Declaration of conformity ........................iii Table of Contents ............................ i Preface ..............................
  • Page 10 Technical Specifications ......................16...
  • Page 11: Preface

    Preface Thank you for purchasing the X-DA4125 High Efficiency Power Amplifier. Please read this manual carefully before using the X-DA4125 High Efficiency Power Amplifier to ensure proper use of the system. Introduction This manual describes the X-DA4125 High Efficiency Power Amplifier features, functions, applications, user interfaces, technical specifications, and installation procedures.
  • Page 13: Introduction

    1 Introduction This chapter introduces the X-DA4125 High Efficiency Power Amplifier features and functions. The X-DA4125 High Efficiency Power Amplifier is referred to as “DA” throughout the remainder of this manual. The DA amplifies audio signal power it receives from audio input devices to maintain clarity and volume when broadcast over many speakers.
  • Page 14: Overheating Protection

    Overheating Protection When the DA internal temperature reaches 45° C, the cooling fan turns on. At temperatures below 40° C, the fan turns off. If the temperature surpasses 75° C, the power supply is disconnected and a fault is signaled to prevent overheating.
  • Page 15: Package Contents

    DA and associated components arrive. If an item is missing, please contact the appropriate vendor. Table 1 DA Package Contents Number Component Name Quantity X-DA4125 High Efficiency Power Amplifier Network cable Input cable terminal Output cable terminal AC power cable Power connector kit...
  • Page 16: User Interface

    3 User Interface The DA user interface has the following panels: Front Panel • Rear Panel • Front Panel The front panel of the DA is shown in Figure 22. Table 2 lists the LED indicator lights found on the front panel and their descriptions.
  • Page 17: Rear Panel

    Number Indicator Light Description DA protection indicator light. When the DA overheats, experiences over-current, over-voltage, or PROTECT undervoltage, the DA automatically protects the equipment. In this case, the light turns yellow. Peak clipping indicator light. When the input signal exceeds the rated peak CLIP value, the indicator light turns red.
  • Page 18 Number Port Description Balanced negative input Grounding (Connect to the “-“ port if the input is an unbalanced input connection.) Balanced positive input Balanced negative input Grounding (Connect to the “-“ port if the input is an unbalanced input connection.) Balanced positive input Balanced negative input Grounding (Connect to the “-“...
  • Page 19: Installation

    GND (0V) VCC (12V-24V, powered by an external device) Self-test port When the DA output voltage is VCC (12V-24V), the DA is being • self-tested. When the DA has no input voltage, the DA is working normally. • Balanced positive input of Balanced negative input of DA fault information output When the DA is working properly, the...
  • Page 20: Materials

    Electrical cable crimping pliers • Materials For the installation of the DA, prepare the following materials: Insulation tape • Wire buckles • Wire labels • Cables and Wires Notice: The use of a high-grade, high transmission capacity speaker cable is strongly recommended.
  • Page 21: Connecting The Cables

    Figure 4 The DA installed in a computer server cabinet Connecting the Cables These cables include the grounding cable, main and backup power cables, audio input cable and audio output cable. Notice: When connecting cables, make sure the DA power switch is turned off. Plug the cables into the correct ports and tighten the cable terminal screws.
  • Page 22 Note: Do not use the RJ45 port and terminal blocks at same time. Instead, plug the CAT5 cable into the RJ45 port. See Table 4 for the pin descriptions. Use the supplied RJ45 audio input cable to connect the DCS and DA, as shown in Figure 55. Figure 5 Connecting the DCS and DA using the RJ45 audio input cable Optional connections: Notice:...
  • Page 23: Output Cable

    Figure 7 Connecting the input cables to the input terminal Connect the input terminals to their corresponding input ports, as shown in Figure 8. Figure 8 Connecting the input terminals Output Cable Pull the output cable through the terminal protection cover, as shown in Figure Strip 7 mm of insulation off the output cable, and connect it to the output terminal, as shown in Figure 9.
  • Page 24: Main Power Cable

    Figure 10 Attaching the terminal protection cover Connect the other end of the output cable to the DCS PA audio input terminal, as shown in Figure 11. Figure 11 Output cable connection Main Power Cable Strip 7 mm of insulation off one end of the AC power cable, and connect it to the main power terminal, as shown in Figure 12.
  • Page 25: Backup Power Cable

    Figure 12 Connecting the main power cable to the main power terminal Tighten the screws so the main power cable terminal is secured, and cover the screws with the plastic covering. Connect the prepared main power cable terminal to the main power cable port. Connect the other end of the main power cable to the main power supply equipment.
  • Page 26: Technical Specifications

    DA could be damaged. If the audio signal or peak clipping signal is too high, the speakers could be damaged. 5 Technical Specifications The DA technical specifications are shown below in Table 5. Table 5 X-DA4125 technical specifications Parameter Value Nominal output power...
  • Page 27 Parameter Value Storage temperature -10° C ~+55° C (14 F~131 F)   Cooling method Air cooling Product dimensions (width × height × depth) 416(W) × 8 8(H) × 4 83(D) mm Package dimensions (width × height × depth) 489(W) 1 86(H) 5 68(D) mm ×...
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