Overheating Protection; Overload And Short Circuit Protection; Fault Detection And Fault Logs; Self-Test Function - Honeywell X-DA4125 User Manual

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Overheating Protection

When the DA internal temperature reaches 45° C, the cooling fan turns on. At temperatures below
40° C, the fan turns off.
If the temperature surpasses 75° C, the power supply is disconnected and a fault is signaled to
prevent overheating. When the temperature returns to safe levels under 70° C, the DA resumes
Each output channel is protected against such overheating and can signal a fault if temperatures
become too high.

Overload and Short Circuit Protection

When the DA power supply detects a circuit overload or if a short circuit occurs, the DA
automatically disconnects the power. The DA remains protected and signals a fault until the
problem is fixed.
The DA is capable of detecting faults for each individual channel.

Fault Detection and Fault Logs

The main power supply of the DA can detect power failures and overheating to protect it from short
circuits and circuit overloads. When the DA detects a failure, a fault is signaled until the problem is
The current state of the DA is shown on the front panel, and if a fault is signaled it is displayed.

Self-Test Function

The front panel user interface controls can be used to test the state of the DA. During this test all of
the interface lights turn on to show that the test is being performed. The self-test function will not
affect any other DA functions. Once the test has finished, the interface lights revert to display their
original working states.


The DA can be applied according to the needs of users. Below are two typical applications.

For the X-618 System

The DA can be part of the X-618 Public Address and Voice Alarm System, as shown below in
Figure 1.


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