Introduction; Features; Functions; Main And Backup Power Supplies - Honeywell X-DA4125 User Manual

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1 Introduction

This chapter introduces the X-DA4125 High Efficiency Power Amplifier features and functions. The
X-DA4125 High Efficiency Power Amplifier is referred to as "DA" throughout the remainder of this
The DA amplifies audio signal power it receives from audio input devices to maintain clarity and
volume when broadcast over many speakers.


The DA includes the following features:
A CLASS-D power amplifier with high efficiency and energy conservation
Contains four independent channels
The rated output power of each channel is 125W
Each channel has 100V or 70V of output
Supports balanced or unbalanced audio input
Heat radiation through forced air-cooling mode
Able to automatically limit output voltage


The DA includes the following main functions:

Main and Backup Power Supplies

Power Supply Protection

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Overload and Short Circuit Protection
Fault Detection and Fault Logs
Self-Test Function
Main and Backup Power Supplies
The DA includes main and backup power supplies. Typically the main power supply is used, and
only if a fault occurs is the backup power supply used. If a main power supply failure or fault occurs,
the DA front panel POWER and AC1 FAULT indicator lights turn on. In this case the DA also
signals a fault, causing the backup power supply to take over from the main power supply. Once
the main power supply has recovered from the fault, the DA reverts to using it again.
Power Supply Protection
If a power supply fault occurs, the DA automatically disconnects the main power supply.


Table of Contents

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