Connecting The Cables; Grounding Cable; Audio Input Cable - Honeywell X-DA4125 User Manual

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Figure 4 The DA installed in a computer server cabinet

Connecting the Cables

These cables include the grounding cable, main and backup power cables, audio input cable and
audio output cable.
When connecting cables, make sure the DA power switch is turned off.
Plug the cables into the correct ports and tighten the cable terminal screws.
Power and data wires must be separated and not be wrapped in the same cable's
Keeping the power and data cables separate helps to avoid signal interference.

Grounding Cable

The grounding cable connects to the DA grounding cable port.
Do not connect the grounding output cable with the grounding input cable as this action
causes a short circuit to occur.

Audio Input Cable

The user can select the input method according to the equipment storage environment.
Use the following recommended methods to connect the audio input cable.


Table of Contents

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