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Technical Specifications - Honeywell X-DA4125 User Manual

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Make sure all cables are connected properly before turning on the DA. Refer to the
"Connecting the Cables" section for more information.
Pay particular attention to which audio input source is selected and configure the output
signal level appropriately, as this can save electricity.
Do not connect the grounding output cable with the grounding input cable as this causes
a short circuit to occur.
Do not alter the circuit board or schematic diagram.
When the CLIP indicator light is flashing red, immediately reduce the audio volume. If
peak clipping occurs for too long, the DA could be damaged.
If the audio signal or peak clipping signal is too high, the speakers could be damaged.

5 Technical Specifications

The DA technical specifications are shown below in Table 5.
Table 5 X-DA4125 technical specifications
Nominal output power
Main power supply voltage
Backup power supply voltage
Power consumption
Main power supply protection
Speaker output voltage
Frequency response
Input sensitivity
Input impedance
Signal to noise ratio
Non-linear distortion
Indicator lights
Number of channels
Operating conditions
~ 220V-240V 50/60Hz
~ 220V-240V 50/60Hz
< 720W
T10AL 250V
100V / 70V
70~18KHz (+1dB ~ -3dB)
20k ohm
>100dB(with A-Weight)
<0.05% (at 1/3 rated power, 1kHz)
1 power indicator light
1 main power fault light
1 Backup power fault light
4 signal lights
4 peak clipping lights
4 equipment protection lights
95% humidity, 0° C ~+40° C (0~104 F)
(no condensation)



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