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York Fitness 45072 Owner's Manual

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Owner's Manual
York Workout Tower
Item #45072
June 20, 2013



  Summary of Contents for York Fitness 45072

  • Page 1 Owner’s Manual York Workout Tower Item #45072 June 20, 2013
  • Page 2 Table of contents Congratulations on CONTENTS purchasing your exercise equipment from Safety information Customer support Part list Assembly instructions You have chosen a high quality, safe and innovative piece of equipment as your training partner and we are certain it will keep you motivated on the way to achieving your personal fitness goals.
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    • Use only the adjustment settings as described in • Due to our continuous policy of product the instructions. Always use the correct adjustment development, York Fitness reserves the right to pin and/or locking devices. • secure before use and / or after adjustment.
  • Page 4: Customer Support

    This product label is an example only, it is not the realserial number of the item you have bought. IMPORTANT!! - Please retain your sales receipt, York Fitness Customer Care may request proof of purchase to validate eligibility for warranty service. Warranty cover starts from the date shown on the proof of purchase.
  • Page 5: Assembly Instructions

    UNPACK ThE CARToN - Remove all the parts and lay them out on the floor. Part List REF. DESCRIPTION QTY. 45072-01 LOWER UPRIGHT TUBE - 04PPT 45072-02 BASE - 04PPT 45072-03 BASE OUTER CAP - 04PPT 45072-04 FOAM ROLL - 33MM OD.x 425MM L-04PPT...
  • Page 6 Assembly instructions Bolts and Washers Hardware Chart Model #: Workout Tower H10-5 - 2PCS H10-14 - 2PCS (M10x35mm) (M10x80mm) H10-11 - 16PCS (M10x65mm) H8-9 - 2PCS (M8x55mm) H8-10 - 6PCS (M8x60mm) N10 - 18PCS (M10) W8 - 10PCS (M8) N8 - 2PCS (M8) W10 - 38PCS (M10)
  • Page 7 W10 x 4 H10-11 N10 x 2 H10-11 x 2 H10-14 W10 x 3 N10 x 1 H10-5 H10-5 x 1 H10-14 x 1
  • Page 8: Fitness Guide

    Fitness Guide H10-11 W10 x 8 N10 x 4 H10-11 x 4 W8 x 4 H8-10 x 4 H8-10
  • Page 9 H10-11 W10 x 16 N10 x 8 H10-11 H10-11 x 8 H8-9 W8 x 6 H8-10 N8 x 2 H8-9 x 2 H8-10 x 2
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  • Page 11
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