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Connecting The Drive Cables - Asus CRW-5232A User Manual

52x/32x/52x cd-rw drive
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Connecting the Drive Cables

1. Connect the power cable plug to the power connector on the rear
2. Connect the 40-pin IDE cable plug to the IDE connector, matching the
red pin stripe on the cable with Pin 1 on the connector.
3. If your computer has a sound card or an onboard audio feature,
connect an audio interface cable to the 4-pin analog audio connector
on the rear of the drive. Connect the other end of the audio cable to
the connector on the sound card or on the 4-pin CD connector on the
All the cable plugs are slotted so that they fit in only one orientation. If a plug
does not fit in completely, try reversing it. DO NOT use too much force when
fitting the cable plugs.
Replace the computer cover according to your computer manual.
ASUS CRW-5232A User Manual
4-pin Audio Cable
Power Cable
IDE Cable


Table of Contents

Table of Contents