Connecting The Drive Cables - Asus 40x/12x/48x CD-RW Drive CRW-4012A User Manual

Asus crw-4012a 40x/12x/48x cd-rw drive user's manual
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Connecting the Drive Cables

1. Connect the power cable plug to the power connector on the rear
2. Connect the 40-pin IDE cable plug to the IDE connector, matching the
red pin stripe on the cable with Pin 1 on the connector.
3. If your computer has a sound card or an onboard audio feature,
connect an audio interface cable to the 4-pin analog audio connector
on the rear of the drive. Connect the other end of the audio cable to the
connector on the sound card or on the 4-pin CD connector on the
CAUTION! All the cable plugs are slotted so that they fit in only one
orientation. If a plug does not fit in completely, try reversing it. DO
NOT use too much force when fitting the cable plugs.
NOTE: Replace the computer cover according to your computer
4-pin Audio Cable
Power Cable
IDE Cable
CRW-4012A User's Manual

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents